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I am extremely interested in their conversation following the point where the fight between Tom and Talarius begins anew. They feel he is multiple hundreds of years old based on his power and fighting style. I want to know what they think of Tom possessing multiple people at once and recreating his body from the mana he took from those people. I want to know their reactions when Tom gets stabbed by the dagger. At the very least Exador would have recognized it based on his previous position as a high ranking Tiernon clergy-member. I am really interested to see their reactions to him being stabbed by it and not only surviving but channeling Tiernon’s god mana to heal the wound. I can picture all three of them with their jaws hanging open, unblinking until the portal closes behind Tom. A moment of silence follows before they explode into conversation. Please Tizzy, convince Mr. Author to start off book 2 this way and perhaps give us a taste of this conversation.