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@Dark Flamberge

I take that to mind. More objective. Yes.

Though in terms of me being loud, selfish and what not, is that about the beta reading? Have you read my beta reading comments? Do you even read what other beta readers has said? Am I really “banging a stick against a tree like so much pointless background noise” there? Do you really think it was only I who had those thoughts about the book. Did you even read the reviews in Amazon?

Really I’m starting to think that you have no clue what so ever about what The Author Guy and I was talking about.

Also, here, I am not critiquing since the beta reading is already over. This is just normal posts and comments.

I do have a review though at goodreads, but please don’t think it is a critique.

As for pauses, there is quite a difference between necessary stops and unnecessary bloat. It would have been OK, if this pauses, as you call them, adds something to the story, instead of like repeating things or info dumps or just so pointless. A scene like Tom and company talking about what to do with Talarius is different from a scene where there is this character talking about something that other characters have talked about already. A scene where the council of wizards are discusing what to do after the event is different from the scene where certain characters are just plainly travelling from point A to point B. Both are ‘pauses’ and contains no action, but one contributed something to the story while the other does not.

Also, if you are talking about the review, it is, somewhat, what you call ‘personal gripes.’ It was a personal reaction to the experience. It is certainly not a critique though. It isn’t meant to be one.