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That’s from a human perspective. All organisms will often view themselves as the norm. A mindset differs than the norm is often view as a form of insanity. Well some are viewed as more sane, but most are viewed as less sane. We are demons their for demons are sane and foolish human mortals wallow in their own madness. We pretend to be mad for amusement and when we don’t the humans react poorly to demons acting rational, thinking we’ll try to trick them into doing something morally reprehensible. They can do that without us. I swear most of the worst things they’ve done and blamed on demons was either started by a demon and then perpetrated much longer by other humans as the demon had other things to do, or was something they blamed on a demon. A human could never do ______ so a demon must have made them do it. So human to blame something on demons. I swear they just use us as scapegoats to justify their own actions. If we are so bad, why do they keep summoning us. If they stopped the demonic plague to their world would end. Sense they haven’t done this they clearly need us for some reason which they fail to express. I know I would never summon a physical manifestation of what I perceived to be pure evil. That screams bad idea.