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From what I remember starship shields aren’t really aerodynamic either, shaped like ellipsoid if I remember correctly after all there is no air in space. Those artificial satelites circling the earth for example would break apart if they travel in air for even moderate speed.

Also domes aren’t aerodynamic too.

JMBT: I’m only following where a misinformation would lead. Here the misinfo is Rupert and Tom’s relationship and from what I know about demonic children.

And hey Tizzy unfair, that info about demon children and power levels are not in the book or in this site.

Also to make such scale you need to know the weakest and the strongest possible to mark the lowest and the highest end of the scale like the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. For the Mohs scale the softest is talc with hardness scale of 1, hardest is diamond with hardness scale of 10. Now the problem is, it is mentioned that the level scale of demon power is man made, like the Mohs scale. Now how do these humans know the strogest possible in terms of demonic strength for them to make 6 the top? Where is the Mohs’ diamond?

Not to mention, many scales that has been used are often adjusted and extended. The Mohs scale for example tops at 10 (diamond), but then there are materials that are harder than diamonds (like hyperdiamonds) and thus they are out of bounds in the Mohs scale.