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Catgirl’s back story, I can promise is coming big time…in book 2 even….

I am seriously thinking about a prequel with the retrieval of the book. Lenamare’s henchmen will be showing up in the not to distant future…so their original adventure is something of interest to me. It’s very unusual fantasy story, if you haven’t guessed (powerful wizard hires a party of adventurers to get magic artifact for him–I am sure none of you have ever encountered this plot line)–the big trick is that it takes place in Oorstemoth so the dialog is a bit taxing to write…

Antefalken’s backstory is very very long (as is Exador’s) I am thinking those two are a whole bunch of adventures spanning across a few thousand years.

Lenamare is human, so his back story is easier in that it only spans decades…