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Aerodynamic is a relative term. I think the history of the automated mobile transport on the Earths demonstrates this.

I am sure there is a scale for it.

And the big thing to remember is that the demon scale is very unscientific, for the most part. It’s based on human(oid) observation/belief/lots of crazy shit.

I talk about this in some other posts, great skill and luck can often defeat raw power, particularly if it’s badly used.

And so the scale is pretty inexact. At least as far as [i]Wizards[/i] are concerned. They are the only ones, I really deal with. I don’t like the priestly types.

And on that point: Talarius’ mirror seems to give something more exact and detailed. However, I have no idea how that thing works to be honest. it’s a Holy Artifact. Divinely Inspired or some such hand waving B.S. “We have to take it on [i]faith![/i]” bleh…

So I have no idea how it interprets what it sees, whether it is just animus level, mana level, mana potential storage, skill, luck, whatever?

I also have no idea of its accuracy. I wonder what it would see when it looked at me? :-k