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RE: Antefalken’s clothes.

I think you misunderstand me, demons that wear clothes (or the vast majority of them) wear clothes everywhere in the Abyss, not just in the courts, how they do that is not based on temperature. You will see what I mean in book ii, if you pay attention, and I know from experience, you do. 🙂

Do you really think Lillith is going to tour her gold and platinum mines naked?

Have you ever seen Asmodeus when he wasn’t impeccably dressed?

RE: Sex drive

Most Astlanians assume that demons are sex starve fiends who want to rape, ravage and pillage, particularly young maidens and princesses, so their bodies come with the equipment to do so (also see the question of # female demons there are)

But, Madfoxii is correct, the bodies are not truly detailed internally anatomically correct. Tom notices this with the dragon, and is concerned about it when eating food as a human, in particular, will he be able to process it.

As a rule, things “work as needed” So if the demon and those who summoned him thinks he’s a hormone driven monster, than he is…otherwise not.

You will note that a lot of the lesser demons aren’t particularly sex starved. I mean who ever heard of a sex starved Shadow.

There are, however, some sex starved imps, but I again think that’s more do to their impish nature and they do it to freak out mortals etc.