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Oh, a bit crazier than that, unfortunately only the plan will be revealed in book 2. Book 3 will be the implementation.

Book 2 has now turned into Book 2 and 3. This series just keeps getting longer and longer…

I have an even better reward for you, for getting your brother’s soul, we can now promise that no one will ever use the “salt trick” as discussed by Lenamare and Jehenna on you once we have you down here in the Abyss.

We demons are civilized after all.


You touch on an excellent point. I believe there is some discussion of this in the Library, but not sure.

Wizards use “Bindings” to bind their demons, instead of links. They use Familiar Links on familiars which is very different.

Bindings are very much one way links that shield the holder of the binding. Basically they can send spells/mana down the links, but they don’t get much information back from the link, other than that the demon is there/the link valid. It is intentionally one way so that the demon can’t crawl up it and screw with the wizard.

That’s the HUGE difference between a Binding and any of the other Links.

A Familiar Link is used by a wizard on a familiar (cat) that is a two way link in which the wizard gets feedback from the Familiar and can basically see, feel, “possess” the Familiar. Sort of like a GoT warg can do. Except those are much more dynamic.

Also for reasons I can’t disclose now, don’t confuse a GoT warg with an Orc warg, which is like a Tolkein or Viking warg which is a big nasty wolf.