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So many questions…so many answers to with hold as torture!

Bwah hah hah hah…

Actually what gods are is a somewhat complicated question that will take at least 3 if not 4 books to work out…

BTW for your own safety Maou…I wouldn’t say things like “if Tiernon was a true god” it’s liable to get you a divine intervention…say a lightning bolt in an unpleasant location.

Also, given the way the gods like to cause misery for humans, particularly those of other religions…my suspicion is that Tiernon doesn’t care what you were, so much as what you are now. Who’s side are you on today?

–my perspective in those two sentences is sort of from the agnostic point of view: pointing out “facts” that in the minds of most are incontrovertible to “some” group. So the first is from the perspective of demons, the second wizards…i.e. everyone has preconceptions that get in the way of reality.

I think…across the board you would find (will find 8-[ –if you’ve read the really long discussion on the author’s author page at Amazon you’ll know what I mean by “will find”) that there is a pretty broad range of emotional responses from demons towards humans. Most from purely self interested points of view.

The good example here are the 3 ArchDemons in the peanut gallery for the “final conflict.” They don’t particularly hate humans, no more than you or I hate insects and assorted vermin.

Which is also the way that the very human Lenamare feels about pretty much everyone except Jehenna and himself…others are pawns/tools.

A huge part of book 2 is the fall out from that final battle…and how perspectives shift after a first set of revelations…i.e. we’ve now played the opening hand in the poker game. Did it change Tom? Does it change how others see and treat Tom? Where the “hell” did Edwyrd and Rupert go, by the way?