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It is not actually a little thing. Such things as pianos, fabrics, cars, and other luxuries abound in the Abyss.

Also it is an ctual physical piano. Demons can bring in objects from Astlan as stated by Antefalken when he was investigating Tom’s cave. That also means they make no modifications to the objects they brought in. It result to a situation akin to placing your stuff into a walk though oven. Even to such temperature as half the boiling point of water as Tizzy claimed, it is still hot for most objects to remain undamaged, especially such instruments as a piano is concered.

The Abyss is also very hot as experienced by Gastrope, Jenn and Maelen. They actually need spells to keep themselves from cooking. And that is in Tom’s cave which is said to be a ‘cooler’ part of the Abyss.

As for experiencing temperature change, it is a bit strange to me that they can’t feel such drastic difference in temperature. Still if they can’t, indications like a certain pentagram, if magical, or an actual airconditioning unit if physical. Since the room has no indications of such, we are left to wonder.


Since demons are immortal, there would be many who would know who you really are. Unless you kill of those who does know you , which include such demons as Lilith, the probability of that plan’s success is zero.


I use a computer and I also experience someting like this. If you take so long typing your message, posting it results to an error message and the fact that you are now not logged in. Sometimes have to save my message in the clip board or text editor, log in again, and copy paste the message.