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Tizzy – “OK!

Figured it out d’oh!

For whatever reason, this particular Forum i.e. “This Website Forum” was set with “no count” on. Meaning don’t count posts in this forum in the totals.

I think this was set because I may have renamed an existing/predefined “Help with the Forum” Topic and by default since the Forum is supposed to be about the forum, and not about “real” discussions it was marked to not count. Or maybe I just created the forum and was thinking that way and forgot.

That happens a lot. Your short term memory starts to go as you get older, I know after my first millenia I had trouble remembering what I’d done as recently as three or four decades prior…sheesh…talk about awkward!

Anyway, since NocandlE had only posted in this forum, he never got counted.

I’f changed that so from now on posts in this forum will get counted.

Unfortunately I have no way to restore those post counts (although maybe it will do it automatically)

I wish I could manually adjust post counts, because I’d be able to turn myself into a Demon Prince then…”

There, lets see if it works now….

In regards to the topic of this thread. It would be interesting to get a perspective on “power up/ evolution” of a demon that started out as a minor shade/ shadow, and over the x number of years/milenia moved up the spectrum of power. If such a demon exists and is….. of sound mental function.