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Well…I’m not sure I’d take it as confirmation that demons are doing this.

There is no question that “wizards” are doing this.

Now, Exador is a “wizard” and an ArchDemon, so assuming he’s summoning new demons (again no visible evidence but if it quacks like a wizard…)

So technically that would be confirmation of your premise.

Certainly, everyone assumes that Exador “the wizard” is more than capable of binding new demons, he has demons that work for him, so “obviously” as a conjuror, he can and probably has.

However, given that he knows the truth, and is presumably a victim of “the truth” it would be an ethical dilemma for most demons…perpetuating the slavery etc. etc.

However, as far as anyone can tell, ethics are not a huge “issue” for Exador….

As for what this is a confirmation of…well, the author has promised me “souls” to do with what I please. Demonize or just “eat.” So, yes, I am planning on doing this, but have not done so yet. Don’t know about other demons.

Now there is, of course, the slightly tricky issue of delivery of said souls and where I stage them/what do I do with them.

To be honest, I’m having trouble squeezing the necessary bindings into an e-RuneMail so that I can send you a spellvirus to grab your souls…it’s trickier than I expected.