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Is it possible that the astlanian dimension supports four spatial dimensions but only uses three?
E.g. programming support on a jock’s computer?
If so then the abyss might be were that compatibility is stored.
If tom figures out how to think in four dimensions… No summoning circle could fully bind him, no wizard could make a link he cannot break by tearing it apart were it has no defenses, e.g. from a fourth dimension. He could break a demons connection to the abyss and kill it forever. More important is that he could make a link that wizards and clerics don’t know about and can’t see, then possess them whenever the whim strikes him.
I was thinking that astral travel might just be another level of parallel dimensions that wizards discovered with similar rules to the astlanian one but for lack of a better turn, sideways… but if the abyss is four dimensional, that might be what the concordenax discovered, and what made him so powerful. Just a theory relevant to the current discussion.
It’s relevant because the demonic link might be in the fourth dimension.:-$ keep this secret from anyone with a modicum of creativity will you? Because the chaos this could cause 8-[ … On second thought Tizzy please share this with everyone but lenamare.
Pandemonium is fun.