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Let me restate my argument, most ancient gods in Earth history were forces of nature. Some where quite human, some were petty, some where noble, but most were seen as the lesser of two evils as they were often opposed to something worse than them and their presence was often seen of as comforting to the people, modern culture however has spawned numerous obscure pantheons based upon the vague concepts of good and evil. Good deities have angels and evil deities have demons. If only gods exist they are often seen as good and opposed to the evil demons. Sometimes the line is blurred, but angels are normally good.

Powerful demons and most demons in general are quite paranoid. They will observe weaker demons and eliminate if deemed a threat. Demons will however ignore demons who are not a threat to them or in their sphere of influence in favor of those who are in opposition to them. If another demon might bother them in the future they might eliminate them, or they might do it cause they can. However rank 4 demons tend to ignore demons of rank 2 or lower unless they have something that interests them. Most attention is given to those near them in power and those of greater power than them. They will also try to kill those who annoy them, like Lilith with Tizzy. She mentioned it but keeps forgetting to do it.

To sum it up the Old Gods of our world were not good or evil, but the lesser of two evils and either forces of nature, or extremely powerful supernatural beings. Modern gods in modern pantheons are this and often have a moral alignment with some good, evil, or neutral, and chaotic, orderly, or neutral. Old gods would likely mostly be neutral/neutral, or close to that. Modern gods tend to be rigid in their alignment. Old gods were fluid in their alignments. This is about polytheistic religions and I will choose not to delve into the monotheistic religions as that screams bad idea and a long debate with that one zealot who happens to find that obscure post. Gods with fluid alignments and humanish personalities are old gods and gods with a limited defined and rigid method of interaction with mortals is most likely to be found in modern pantheons.

I will elaborate more later if needed.