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Unless you count those extremely old ones. Old Cadillacs isn’t really that aerodynamic.

Yes many cars are not aerodynamic even today (mini van, double decker bus) but then they aren’t race cars and thus aerodynamics aren’t really critical. Race cars (formula one, those cigar shaped cars), airplanes and jet planes are different beasts. Aerodynamics is critical to achieve great speed.

Also, I don’t really say that non aerodynamic cars won’t travel fast or travel at all. I just mean that they aren’t efficient by creating drag and wasting lot of energy at high speeds.


Okay, no demon gods. Well I was thinking it was just to much if that is possible.

If a god has no worshipers? I think the god would still survive. The god should have some capability to produce mana bu its own I think and that should be suffice for survival. The god won’t have that much power though.

Hmmm, the power dynamics of Gods are very different from Demons.