House of Narthan

The House of Narthan

 House of Narthan

Lord Hugart Narthan and his House are the defacto royal house in the Swamplands of Eton.  While they do not control all of the land, they do rule several large village-cities in the swamplands and patrol the major rivers protecting their business interests in the region. 

Lord Hugart is also the Lord Mayor of Narthan Hold a large city-state on the coast of the Samplands of Eton.  He has held this position since the death of his father Oliver Narthan in 398 PV.  His wife, the Lady Helgana Narthan has borne him five sons and two daughters.  Unfortunately, life is very difficult in the dangerous Swamplands of Eton and he had previously lost four of his sons and one of his daughters over the course of his reign; and now most tragically, his last remaining son and heir, Chief Filip Narthan just recently perished.

Chief Filip is survived by his wife Suzet, their son Dagrael and Dagrael’s wife Henrieta, his daughter Olivia and her wife Aisha.  Dagrael has a daughter Bethany and a one year old baby Tathaniel.  Filip lost his eldest son Rhys Filip, a toddler, a few years back in 438 PV.

The Narthan clan is a patrimony and inheritance always follows the male line, unless there are no more male heirs.  Dagrael will succeed his father as Chief and Heir Apparent.  His baby son Tathaniel is second in line to the throne.

Third in line falls to the son of Lord Hugart’s daughter, The Holy Etonian Empress Ygrid Narthan-Torson, Prince of Etonia Kristof Torson.  As one might expect this lends itself to some discontented rumblings due to the fact that should Prince Kristof eventually succeed Lord Hugart, the Swamplands would essentially become part of New Etonia and under the sway of the Emperor and the Etonian Churches.

Fourth in line at this time is Prince Narthan, Frederick Narthan.  Federick is only four years younger than Lord Hugart and he and his wife the Dark Lady Narthan, Priscilla Eggarth-Narthan have no children.   While there are concerns about his age, and lack of heirs, those concerns are generally considered secondary to the fact that he has a tendency to get himself killed.  Despite this tendency, he is still currently alive; which raises a question of whether he and the Dark Lady Narthan would even need heirs.  As one might imagine, these thoughts are disquieting to many.

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