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The Wilds of Eton

Wilds of Eton 

The Wilds of Eton is a largely ungoverned region in the south and southwest of Eton.  It is a region of swamps, marshes and wetlands in the west, rugged mountains in the northeast, deserts in the east and rough hillocks and scrub forests to the south.

The swamp regions are particularly dangerous, for a number of reasons.  The closest thing to a governing body is the House of Narthan with its principle stronghold along the west coast in Narthan Hold.  Narthan Hold is a very large, relatively modern city founded on the delta of a river traveling up into the swamplands.  The Narthan clan uses this river along with other swamp rivers and lakes to ferry raw materials from their fortified villages within the swamps.  The largest of the trade villages are actually small cities, all be them rather odd cities if stories are to be believed.  The cities are ringed with all sorts of traps and various unconventional defenses that utilize the surrounding terrain to ensure the security of the villages.

Security is at a premium because these wetlands are home to both hostile I’Iskatha tribes and orc tribes; not to mention a very large number of Dok Sidhe and other unsavory denizens. Travel through these wetlands is very difficult as the terrain varies considerably and is often very dangerous.  It is also unpleasantly hot and humid and infections and diseases often plague those living in the area.

To the south and east, the terrain becomes very rough and eventually turns to an arid, rocky, desert.  This region has no single government, but there are numerous orc and jötunnkind tribes and groups.  There are also some I’iskatha tribes in these regions, but fewer than in the swamplands. 

While Narthan Hold is a major trading city with the rest of civilization, the orchish and jötunnkind cities further south trade primarily with Jötungard in Norelon.  These port cities are some of the few ports in Astlan capable of docking jötunn ships, which are, obviously, incredibly huge.



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