The Confederacy

The Confederacy

The Confederacy is a loose confederation of cities and independent lords on the northwest corner of Norelon.  In this day and age, the lands of the Confederacy are sparsely populated, with cities and ancestral holds primarily on the coast with a few nomadic clans inland.

Historically the driving force of the Confederacy is the guarding of the Maledictum, ancient tombs northeast of the city of Reeftooth.  While locals are more than familiar with what evil lies buried in the Maledictum, they are particularly close mouthed about it with outsiders, as if speaking of the evil should awaken it.

Most of the Lords of the Confederacy and their families are distant kin from times long past.  Because the Confederacy is very clan oriented, outsiders often find that while the Lords may appear fractious amongst themselves, they can readily unite against outsiders if necessary.  This is particularly true if the fear interference with the Maledictum.

Even under the reign of the Anilords, the Lords of the Confederacy held together to protect their lands and people.  Much to the consternation of the ruling Anilord, the Lords would toe the line of fealty as closely as a razor.  They continually pushed the limit of what the Anilords would tolerate in terms of independence without incurring the Anilords’ wrath.

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