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The Mogradin Association

The Mogradin Association lies between Corswyn and the Council States.  The Association is a both a political entity and a trade and manufacturing consortium.  While the name of the association indicates its historical ties to the Modgriensofarthgonosefren, the association today actually represents city states who’s population is only 75% Modgriensofarthgonosefrenian.

Despite the connotations of the name, which would imply a loose association of city states, the association actually has one of the most efficient governments on Norelon with a very consistent set of laws that are uniformly enforced throughout the realm.  The association has a board of Masters who govern the cities and lands of the association.  While originally formed to help regulate supply and demand for their members mining products, the association grew to include all other customary governmental functions in the interest of promoting trade and ensuring price support for the mines and income levels for the citizens.

The concept of a “board” comes from the fact that its original members were the people sitting around a board full of food in a feasting hall discussing the supply and pricing of iron, copper, nickel and other metals.  Tradition dictates that all formal board meetings also be feasts, and that no business or governmental policy should be discussed on an empty stomach.  This tradition has extended through the association, so that no business is ever discussed without the host at least offering food and ale to his or her business associates.  Often times, snacks, or finger foods and drink are provided for more informal meetings.

The boardroom of the association and the office of the centralized government reside in Steelwell.

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