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    Haven’t asked T-A-G, he’s out somewhere, dealing with the fallout from Friday night, when this evil witch seduced this otherwise incredibly strong, handsome and personable fellow, and turned him into this extremely ugly, soft, weak, wall flower of a man and married him.

    So here is how I read these passages:

    In the first case, that is definitely a 1+1 for Jenn. Lenamare’s demon Tom is Lord Tommus, given the names, it should have wrung a bell sooner for Jenn.

    In the second cases, it’s more a hidden reveal as part of a theory. She’s explaining who Orcus is, and Gastrope’ points out that Lenamare’s demon is acting in character for “Orcus”

    Previously, (I’m pretty sure) they’d tied Lenamare’s demon to the new Lord Tommus, they had certainly noted the coincidence of timing. So here, Gastrope’ is offering a theory that puts everything into place for Trevin.

    So it’s sort of a suggestion/double reveal/hypothesis that would explain the events.

    Orcus returns with an elaborate scheme, disguised as a fourth order…yada yada…there are still lots of pieces to put together but….

    In other words, [b][i]this is the first reveal[/i][/b] of one plus one plus one equals 3 for the Nimbus crew in general.

    That’s why “No one said anything for a moment” they were all in shock at the revelation. It was a giant “D’OH!” moment.


    Hello TAG,

    So, the other night I was giving AOD it’s umpteenth read and I ran across a possible inconsistency that I should have probably caught during beta.

    Since beta is over and I don’t know what your policy on updating already finished books is, I am now wondering what to do with it:
    a) forget I ever saw it
    b) post it here in the old beta forum
    c) something else




    You should paste it in a public forum where everyone can laugh at T-A-G!!!!


    It won’t be the first time, nor the last time. [woot]

    Actually you can post it in here too if you want. If it’s an actual inconsistency it has to be resolved at some point. Typically with seriously contorted logic.


    It’s one of those who knows what questions.

    Here Jen (and by assumption, everyone else on the Nimbus) hasn’t made the Lanamare’s big demon, Tom = New Orcus connection.
    [quote]“Moved?” Jenn asked. She paused and her eyes widened. “You are not saying they moved to Mount Doom with Orcus?”
    “Uhm, not so much with Orcus as, well—Tom, or Lord Tommus, as they call him. He’s also the one who recovered the Wand of Orcus and then relit Mount Doom with the mana he stole from Tiernon. He’s the one leading the D’Orcs; it was Tom who opened the portals for them.”
    Jenn simply stared at him, blinking every now and then. “You are telling me that the instigator of all the insanity that has propelled us halfway across the continent and set the alvar on the warpath is Lenamare’s greater demon?” she finally asked in disbelief.[/quote]

    Here, Gastrope makes the Orcus=Tom connection in public conversation on the Nimbus and everyone acts like they already knew this. Yet, there was no point where the rest of the nimbus team was brought up to date on this.
    [quote]“Yes. He is in charge of punishing those who break their word,” Trevin said.
    “You mean like Talarius, who broke his oath and allowed the Rod to assist him in single combat?” Gastropé asked. “Who he then dragged down to the actual underworld, the Abyss?”
    Trevin stared at him in shock, as did the others. No one said anything for a moment.
    “How did I miss that?” Trevin shook her head slowly from side to side. “I have been so blind.”
    “That certainly makes the most sense of anything we’ve heard,” Elrose said.[/quote]

    Gastrope knowing the Tom=New Orcus connection could come to the above conclusion with no problem while Trevin, being ignorant of that key piece of data, couldn’t.

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