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    Puh Tooey


    I am sick and tired of people telling me, Tizzy, that I really need to watch Game of Thrones or read “A Song of Fire and Ice.”

    “Oh it’s really excellent!” People tell me.

    Well, I’ve tried to watch it–bittorrent works remarkably well in the Abyss…in fact it was invented so we demons could steal pay cable…

    But it’s for pansies!

    Everyone raves about George RR Martin being a serial killer.

    Hah, I say more like a Cereal Killer!

    Westeros is practically a “safe space” compared to Astlan!

    George RR Martin waits until the end of a VERY LONG Book 1/Season 1 to kill off Ned Stark.

    Now admittedly, it was a very nice death, as a connoisseur of torture and death, I did find it enjoyable…

    And then he proceeds to off the rest of the guy’s family and many more…I love a good head poppin as much as the next guy…

    But come on! In Astlan, we kill our protagonists in Chapter 1!

    We don’t wait around for hundreds of pages to kill our favorite characters. We do it upfront.

    Hell, I died a couple thousand years before the book even started! Did I make you wait around for my grueling and horrible death? No. See, I’m a nice guy like that.

    Same with many of the best people in the book!

    And as far as body count….I gotta tell you, Lenamare is working on giving old Georgie boy a run for his money!

    So puh lease…

    OK, gotta run, gotta see if they kill off the short reasonable guy!

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