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    Will add it to my list of typos and inconsistencies.

    I try to accumulate them, because it’s a royal pain in the buttucus to republish. Particularly, the dead trees…and worse now, the original dead trees were all Create Space and they’ve now migrated to a unified Kindle Platform, which, as of book 3 was far crappier (and CS was a royal pain) so I stuck with CS even though Kindle was doing dead trees. (CS was bought a long time ago by Amazon).

    So I don’t think I’ll dead tree updates to existing books, until I’ve done the next book on the new platform and understand how it works.

    The big dead tree nightmare comes from if you make changes (god forbid a font change), pagination can change ever so slightly, then the cover size is off and that’s a huge pain to deal with. Also just getting the format right.

    On the Kindle side, there are also lots of idiosyncrasies and tweaks to make that work, and several tries…

    But then on top of all of this you have to synchronize all these files.

    Because of all the tweaks for each platform, it’s easiest to work with the last version you uploaded and tweak that…but that means you have to go back and edit dead tree and kindle separately, as well as my master file…

    Then, also, if I make too big of changes, the text starts to diverge from the audio book…(although a few minor things are no big deal people will live)

    And then of course, say I fix stuff–existing kindle readers have to actually ask to get the newer version, I can’t push it out, because they may have notes and highlights and any new version overwrites that and I can only imagine what happens to X-Ray which is all position based and if you insert text or delete it, positions get off.

    I don’t want to think about having to completely redo X-Ray–ack ack


    I’m not sure where this should go


    I know its really late, but I just noticed this typo.
    Somewhere around location 8718 in the kindle edition. chapter 63
    “‘We’d like to think of you as our friends,’ Maelen said very seriously.”
    Should say “‘We’d like to think of you as our friend,’ Maelen said very seriously.”
    or “‘We’d like to think of ourselves as your friends,’ Maelen said very seriously.”


    Wow, that sucks.

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