This book was epic.

Welcome To Astlan Forums The Heavenly Host This book was epic.

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    Glad you like the book.


    Didn’t you say something about not having much competition >_>; Sounds like a confirmation to me Tizzy!


    Wasnt it stated in Book 2 that Loki died during Ragnarock and destroying the dimension connecting bridge to asguard?


    Your a freaking maestro mate!

    P.S. Anyone else think Tizzy is the concordenaux?


    Be careful, you don’t want that to go to his head!

    It’s pretty big already!


    Remember you can’t believe everything that T-A-G writes. He is just a really lousy interpreter of the story I send him and he takes huge liberties. For example, did you notice? He is basically implying that I am some sort of inter-dimensional drug dealer!

    Talk about aspersions! [-(



    Someone here is totally ageist! or age-ist, looked like I called you a geist, nope, you aren’t a geist, just age-ist.

    Yes, I am getting up there in years, but I’ve got just as many marbles as ever!

    As far as competition, I was talking about my indescribable beauty! I’ve got very little competition in the looks department. See my picture beside this post. Helen of Troy used to weep when she would see me, knowing she could never match my beauty!

    Besides you guys are reading way way too much into that clearly hallucinogenic Lacuna.

    And what’s with this idea of including a Lacuna? A lacuna is a missing fragment…it is supposed to be missing! It’s not missing if it’s there!

    T-A-G has clearly gone off the rails.


    i was hoping for a while that tom would become the concord in some weird time bending fasion

    as for tizzy … my guess is that he’s loki

    he was called the trickster a couple times in book two …

    and loki’s a trickster

    and he’s from the same pantheon/myths as the orcs and volund … pretty sure anyway



    I seriously like that, I like that a lot!!!

    So, should that turn out to be the case, you will get an extra shoutout in the “Thank you” front matter!

    I really like that a lot! =d>


    I can see Loki o.o

    I’m hoping Tom gets to dark demi/god status. Not quite sure he’d fit on the whole concordenaux thing!


    Yeah, that can/will be interesting….



    I also thin tis-dale is the concord guy as well.:-k. Think about it, he 50000 yr +, senile, manipulating things with his prophecies an shit, and SPOILER ALERT: his diary has super powers, he also has special power like being able to bind himself to a wizard, smell new arrivals, makes references to earths and is very knowledgeable and led tom to the wand. Yeah he definitely concord.


    T-A-G, glad you liked that theory
    if I get a shout out i’ll probably piss my pants

    Netter, ya it was but I wouldn’t put it past tizzy or loki to fake his own death :^o

    side note: I almost cried when I realized I had finished book 2


    Yes, tizzy is a sly one *eyes*

    Flip side, don’t you have to love Hilda, and anyone else wonder why the enchantress is only hot when your drunk? ;p ain’t that what alcohol do anyhow!? *Bad da chink*


    I wonder what she looks like cookied?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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