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    The D’Orcs and everyone just assumed Rupert was Dis 2.0 so they didn’t feel the need to bring it up. They knew exactly who he was.

    Yes, Dis was killed with the D’Orcs; however, we still do not know for a fact that it was EM following a bunch of links, that has yet to be revealed.

    It is possible that some of the D’Orcs were imprisoned somewhere; killing 20,000+ by whatever mechanism would be very difficult, even for EM following links.

    All we know is that none of them ever came back to the Abyss. The assumption that everyone (the D’Orcs) are making is that they were all killed permanently somehow.


    [quote=Burien;4993]… was Dis killed the same way (assuming Rupert is Dis v2.0)?[/quote]
    And further, were the D’Orcs with them destroyed or consumed, or do the Storm Lords still have them in some pseudo-Tartarus, imprisoned?



    So as expected, the Wedding Party came as a massive shocker both to readers and to Tom and Talarius.

    I am spinning this off for more discussion.

    If people are Greek Scholars, or just obsessive about Greek Mythology, the Wedding Party is no big surprise, but for everyone else it can be a jaw dropping shock.

    In particular, the shock to Talarius’ mental health may be so bad that he locks himself in his room and lets the Citadel go its own way.

    So, let’s discuss what we like/don’t like and what should be done to either give hints sooner, move the scene back, cut the scene, or what?

    Biggest point for me, right now, is that Talarius has just been hit with a nuke on top of everything else crumbling in his world.


    Would Talarius fall back on prayer to Tiernon even if he knows that he is cutoff in the Abyss? Or praying a lot more during his stint on Nysegard?


    yes, but there have been a number of things, like the revelation from Sekhmekt regarding a) being a god and b) what the Five Siblings did to their people.

    But a big thing was/is: Tom has challenged his hubris and his fear of it (which is a sin and a downfall of many a knight–from book 1). There is no logical reason for a Demon Prince to be doing all of this to a simple mortal.

    I suspect I need to have him do more soul searching earlier to explain this, even if the scene vanishes. We need to understand his weary/worn down thought process better.


    Talarius is very controlled. I expected ranting, raving, shouting, and table flipping with everything that is being laid on him. But… while he has his misgivings he is able to accept the logic rather than be in denial. It’s like kicking someone when they are down by this point in the story. He’s just not active enough in defending his beliefs like in Book 2. Sure, he is coming around, but shouldn’t he be struggling harder to hold onto what he believes it right? I’m trying to recall the exact tipping point where he is assimilating.

    He should have snapped like this instead of caving in:
    – I can accept your demonic origins yadayda
    – I can accept — for the most part — your position as a Lord of Light on Nysegard yadada
    – But I’ll be damned before I accept you as a half-brother to my Lord Tiernon!

    Tizzy: Ah, but you ARE damned. *Rubs hands and cackles evilly* *Hepheastus just shakes his head and grins* *Tom facepalms* *Talarius goes red in the face and shouts back at Tizzy, [u]finally[/u] venting at a demon.*


    I think that’s probably a good idea…as long as he keeps an eye out for anyone departing for the Citadel.

    Hmm, this might be interesting. What if Tiernon (or one of his avatars–whoever is reading his prayer queue) realizes that he’s got such a prayer from Talarius?

    Ooh, what if he makes direct contact with Talarius–this is some serious business–quite frankly, Tiernon is rather worried about survival at this point.

    What if the Olympians find out what they’ve done? What if Tom let’s their step-parents go? He knows Orcus is pissed at him?

    I think the only one crapping their pants more is Sentir Fallon.

    I’ve got some juicy things coming when Tom and Beragamos “talk” about the “Plane Blockage” spell. Tom assumes it’s something that Sentir Fallon did to him.


    Wait, so we learned from Hilda going to “The Front” that saints can teleport if someone prayers directly to them. So if Talarius knows this (he probably doesnt) he could go to nysegard pray to a specific avatar and have them teleport to him.

    And Talarius now knows about all the stuff ruiden was getting up to in bk2 with the saints so he could (not anymore because of plane blocking spell) pray to a specific saint.

    As for the earlier theory of release the kraken now mostly dead from the plane blocking spell which needs a awesome name.

    As for Talarius knowing who Edward is:
    Can’t find it but Tom and Talarius had a conversation somewhere in bk2 where Tom tells Talarius about him being Edwyrd to not scare people.

    So Talarius still wouldn’t recognize Edwyrd in his animage robes because he hasn’t seen what Edwyrd the animage looks like.

    So unless Talarius saw the portraits in the library of doom, he won’t know who Edwyrd is.

    If you make the scene from Talarius’ Pov he might recognize an older Edwyrd, meaning Orcus.

    Wait if Orcus’ human form is older Edwyrd does that mean Orcus’ son is a younger Edwyrd.


    [quote=EyeDeKay;4827]As for the earlier theory of release the kraken now mostly dead from the plane blocking spell which needs a awesome name.

    From what I can gather the spell is a dome around the Citadel – has no effect on the Isle of Doom….and the boundaries are the wards – some of which are on the ships…..nothing stopping the summoning of the Kraken outside the boundary – right next to the ships with the wards…and attack the wards from the outside


    Truthfully the wedding scene is not that big a shock for me, we’ve already confirmed that eric is orcus mother and know that she married the five siblings father, so tiernon and orcus being step siblings is obvious, I actually like the scene including the part when we find out that orcus had a son that looked like the human version of Rupert. I think that for now you should leave things as it is until you have more done so we can see were your trying to go with it so we can judge better.


    I actually have a fun seen coming at some point where Tom asks Phaestus “so is there a Mrs. Orcus”

    And up to the Kraken…yep, it’s a dome/sphere where the beacons act like a super pentacle, each one is powered by mana pools that have an interesting linking mechanism, something that should not be possible.

    You could certainly bring the kraken up outside the beacons and have it sink the ships with beacons, breaking the spell.

    Of course, if they figure things out, Jacquesparrow could take his little sinking ship outside the line of boats and create a tidal wave as well.

    Or at least try, there are a lot of aquamancers and sorcerers out on the ships, plus aerial support for them, demonic support for them etc.

    A kraken would probably be better; if only there wasn’t that pesky issue of it getting lose and sinking a few continents.


    The prayer won’t be needed as Tom isn’t going to wait that long on heading over.

    I do think those are interesting questions about Talarius and Edwyrd that will need exploring.

    Need to go look up what book 2 says as well.


    Book 2:

    “Who’s Edwyrd?” Reggie asked.

    “He’s me— it’s my human form,” Tom said, noting the knight turn to face him.

    “So you are the Lord Edwyrd who sank the Oorstemothian ship?” the knight asked.

    Tom sighed. “Yes, I was disguised as a human so as not to cause a panic. We were told the Oorstemothians were pirates attacking our ship, and having been hired to defend the ship from pirates, we tried to defend it. But then they nearly killed Rupert— in fact, I thought he was dead— so I sort of took the battle to them and sank their ship.”

    Talarius was silent for a moment, thinking. “That makes some sense, but—”



    Thanks a lot!

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