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    Actually, the clients don’t open the Oubliette, we open the Oubliette for them.

    What the Oubliette does, how to restrain the prisoners etc. That’s all in the training protocols that people have been going to school for. But by definition, an Oubliette is a deep dark hole into which one throws ones enemies and from which there is no escape. Meaning, inside the Oubliette, you don’t plane hop out without the keys. It’s a transdimensional space. Tartarus itself is just in the Abyss. But they should be locked up/secured by that time.

    Different types of beings have different protocols, tools and mechanisms. Sometimes we have to craft new ones. Thing of the D’Orcs as being like marshals.

    By and large, it’s almost always a custom job that requires some cooperation on the part of the client. E.g. with Olympians, it often involves getting people very drunk and passing out.

    So, the apprehension is always more of a custom tailored job. And much like a major sting operation, there are years to decades to centuries of planning and scoping things out depending on the client and the target.

    So…it’s a bit more complicated than just having the Oubliette swallow someone…you could…but you really want them incapacitated to some extent, or at least a well thought out plan to deal with them when the hit the bottom.


    How do they capture gods?


    I know this will come up in future books, but I’m asking anyway, hoping for a hint or something.

    So, I know that Orcus’ customers can open up the Oubliette and drop their enemies/family members/friends down into Tartarus from anywhere in the multiverse, but how do they restrain them at the bottom?
    Is it just that D’orcs are bad-asses combined with the fact that whoever just fell down an infinitely deep hole to hell will be disoriented and cut-off from their god-pools and outer planes? Because I can easily believe that a team of D’orcs can beat up anyone as long as god-pools are out of the picture ( and if they aren’t you just need more D’orcs), but it seems a little risky. Is there any type of machinery or magical apparatus installed to help with the containment, or is it all done by hand?

    Is there something about Tartarus that blocks plane jumping? Because it seems like and god or avatar should be able to follow any and all links to beings outside the outer planes. Like how Sentir was able to travel to the abyss and back. He obviously had a link to a mortal plane that he traveled to, to leave the abyss since he couldn’t go straight back to Tierhallon. A god should be able to follow his links to his mortal priests and escape pretty quickly.
    I don’t think Tom has made a portal inside Tartarus yet, and even if he has, his Rod is probably an exception.

    On a related note, since Tom runs Tartarus now, he should be able to grant people access to the Oubliette. I doubt he would, but there’s nothing to stop him from doing so. I can just imagine someone messing with Gastrope and Jen, and him turning pale and freaking out, only to open the oubliette under them, sucking them into Tartarus, while pissing Jen off for saving their lives.

    Oh, and I can totally see Rupert casting every enemy he defeats into Tartarus for fun and practice.


    Was all of Tom’s entourage going through training? I know some of them are, but Rupert is obviously off-plane and Estrebius is usually busy with Vaselle. I know some of the young D’orcs are part of the training as well as Antefalken,but are Boggy and Reggie? What about Talarius? I know he went down there, but is he being trained to help run things, or was he just watching because he was bored?


    Almost all were there for the first day of training, including Talarius.

    Talarius only came down that first time, same with Reggie since he is technically in service to his Voluptuous Mistress [biggrin] and can’t be relied on to be available. Although, I suspect he now wishes that he’d stuck around since his god’s daddy is down there.

    Antefalken and Estrebrius sort of wander in and out, Antefalken has been very busy with his writing. You are right about him helping Vaselle quite a bit.

    Boggy and Zelda have been here all along, as has Tom and other new D’Orcs and myself.


    To be honest, the (information) security in the most top secret prision is a little lacking/worrying.

    The Problem with Reggie is not the, “might not be available”.
    It’s “Bound to an Wizard who might torture information out of him.”

    Antefalken is even more problematic to my mind.
    He is an Bard!

    I wont talk about the security breach with the books themselves, every new demon from earth is an possible security breach.
    Btw. is there an secret handshake for B-Demons who find themselves in the Abyss?


    Hmm, you have a very good point!

    We are going to need a very secret handshake.

    We would NOT want Lilith or her servants to discover beta demons, or anyone that’s read the books in the Abyss, because they would be a very valuable source of intel.

    Yeah, Antefalken is a security risk, but I’ve known him his entire demonic life, and know how to find him, and he knows that. [wink]

    Reggie, that would be a problem, but turns out his Accursed Mistress is literally the “Beloved of pTah” a.k.a. Beloved of Phaestus so he’s got her soul well in hand. Bwah hah hah!

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