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    All correct.

    However, you have to recall, with these “guys” everything is personal. They change alliances over time. And as to who is a “God of Chaos” or a “God of Law” that is something of a matter of both perspective and circumstance. There are “people” who are permanently in the Chaos camp, there are many more who become aligned with it for their own purposes for various periods of time. The three gods at the end of Book III should not be considered a full set. It’s just a group of collaberators on a particular project, each with their own goals which happen to cross paths.

    (such projects can easily last hundreds, even thousands of years–which are very small time frames for immortals. If you live, conservatively, to be 100,000 years old. Working with some other god for 1,000 years is like 1 year of your life at most. If a god typically phoenixs every 2 or 3 hundred thousand years, then a 1,000 year collaboration is like a six month or less gig).

    AND ALSO “now” is later. Everything people from ‘Earth’ know about the Egyptian gods has already happened. Same with the Aesir. In fact, by the time the Earth scandinavians like Ragnar Lothbrook were going a viking, Ragnarok was old news, the Ásbrú was shattered, they were worshipping their ancestors’ gods.

    The “gods of Egypt” are so (currently) out of the picture, that Ramses the archdemon (The Damned/The Great/The Second) is so convinced that his old gods are toast, that he doesn’t even recognize Bess,his coconspirator to get the book, as Bastet from his home world.

    FYI I should point out that Astet (Isis) is a member of the Nyjyr Ennead, and thus nominally allied with Tommus, which puts her squarely against Set. And all of this ties out to why and who shafted the Nyjyr Ennead in Astlan, and (elsewhere) and why they are living in Exile (a.k.a. hiding)


    Apostles of Doom told us that Discordia (in the book Dysnoma) and Set (in the book Sutekh) are two gods of chaos and I dont get why Set is on that side.
    The egyptian personification of chaos has always been and will always be Apep/Apophis. To make this more clear, Set was the champion of Ra and defended the solar bark every night when Apep attacked it. Only after Isis tricked Ra and forced him to part this realm so Osiris (her husband) could take the throne turned Set against his family (he was unwilling to submit to the brother who stole the throne and went down a dark road).
    Yet my point stands, the chaos accusations came far later (Set is the god of the deserts and everthing beyond so any issues coming from the outside are his fault (like persian and roman invaders)).
    Looking at it like this Set would be far more at home in the Doomphire, he is misunderstood and the quick pr of his enemys fucked him over till the end of time.

    Back to my main topic:
    Apep is of course one main embodiment of chaos.
    Chaos itself (for example greek mythology)

    Last but not least, lets remember that chaos doesnt mean evil, its rather… unorderly?


    Name any gods of chaos but explain why


    They (the Nyjyr Ennead) got it coming then I suppose ^^


    Well, not if you listen to them, of course, but then no one ever thinks “they” have it coming; “it” is always going somewhere else…

    With immortals, about the only way to be innocent is to be “dead” or “MIA” long enough that people forget all the bad things they hated you for when you were around, and give them time to find someone else that they (currently) hate more than you to keep them busy.

    It’s how enemies become allies.

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