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    That new live action beauty and the beast? Yeah didn’t think it would be all that great, but at least it has provided valuable knowledge of what scares you 😛



    Yesterday I went to the theatre and saw the most terrifying horror movie of my very long life. [omg]

    I was left quaking in fear, and weeping at the horrible tragedy that befell the protagonist.

    It was the story of this exceptionally strong, incredibly handsome and charismatic fellow living in blessed solitude within his lovely palace with a few trusted servants.

    One day this burglar breaks into his palace. Being a nice, charming fellow, the protagonists simply imprisons the burglar in the dungeon rather than kill him, as would have been warranted.

    A little bit later, this hideous, cruel evil witch comes to the palace and demands the burglar be freed. Being more than reasonable, the protagonist offers a trade, burglar goes free, witch stays. Of course, the protagonist is unaware that this foul woman is a wicked witch out to ensnare him into eternal servitude (like wizards to with demons).

    She then begins, over a series of days, to enchant our protagonist, corrupting him and slowly distorting his personality. She forces him to fall in love with her, and then finally bespells him and transforms him into this hideous, shriveled, weasily sycophantic creature, forever sworn to obey her slightest command.


    Agh! It’s a good thing I wasn’t at Doom, or I wouldn’t have been able to sleep! So it’s a good thing I didn’t need to!

    I’ve been shaking in terror ever since I saw this movie. Horrible. Chilling.

    All I can say is, if you have offspring, do NOT take them to see this, it will scar them permanently!

    I’d suggest putting them in front of the TV and put in some sort of family-friendly movie in the player, you know, like the Human Centipede or a SAW movie.
    Something lighthearted, stable, safe, relaxing and comforting.


    What movie was this?


    I’ve had to block it from my mind…trying to remember…

    …a tale as old as time
    frightening as can be!
    a ghastly horrid crime…

    Nasty horrid surprise…
    Sure as the sun will rise!


    OK, now I remember, I think it was called the beastly beauty!


    Terrifying movie!

    I had to go back to my cave and put on some industrial black metal to calm my nerves. Oh, and take several deep breaths through my pipe, of course.

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