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    Speaking of Costco, have you checked out their amazing prices on dungeon gear?

    I got a really great deal on a rack a couple month’s back, and I hear they are working on getting some high end, diamond encrusted platinum iron maidens for a really good cost.

    We could really stand to do a Costco run here at Mount Doom, but unfortunately, it’s located in the Courts where we are feeling persona non-grata.


    Smuggled out of Doom


    Does antimus act the same as animus, except ‘negatively charged’, or does it behave differently on its own?

    If it behaves differently on its own, then maybe there is no anit-abyss, but the dragons are ‘demonfied’ anitmus beings, seeing as they regenerate differently. There could be a capital city of anti-demons in the abyss, and no one has found it yet (or said anything about it), because of the whole ‘horizon-into-infinity thing it has going for it. The few dragons you see could be the anti-equivalent of demons running off as far as they can to get away from Lilith.

    But if there is an anti-abyss, seeing as you yourself said the abyss is centrally located Tizzy, maybe its just the flip side of the abyss… Have you tried digging down for a thousand years or so? Maybe the ‘ground’ of the abyss isn’t infinite, and there is just another infinity of pain and suffering on the other side.


    That would be a good one.

    I keep trying to get some lady demons to snuggle with me, but apparently Lady D’s are not that romantic.

    And on that point, sure I’ve seen all these romance novels and stuff with the girl pining for the love of her life to snuggle, cuddle and be intimate with; but in my experience those teenage girls (even/especially those from Utah who claim to like vampires) are not at all romantic, even when I cover myself in glitter and try to share my emotions with them…they start screeching and yelling and running away.

    It’s so disappointing. So frustrating.

    And then, of course, I get depressed and, like so many people, I binge eat…

    Fortunately, I am not one to let a comely morsel go to waste….


    Accidentally thought the title of this thread was “Snuggling”.


    Yes, they are still around, we just haven’t heard from them since they got zapped from Book 2.

    That does not, however, mean that he’s not doing what he was doing in the Beta Edition of Book 2.

    I got wary of them and where they were going in Book 2, so I’ve been keeping an eye on them. Specially that box of theirs. I don’t trust talking boxes.

    As you may know, three of the nefarious rogues who stole the book in the first place are with him as they stealthily cruise through Oostermothian infested waters towards Hearth’s Land and then over to a rendezvous with other nefarious types.

    Not sure when T-A-G will be releasing them in their own book(s). It might become a single novel within Chronicles of Astlan, possibly Book 2 of that series.

    Reminder that Chronicles is a series of individual books, as opposed to DoA which is a single book in multiple volumes. T-A-G says that Book 1: Into the Wilds will be released sometime after Apostles of Doom but before volume IV.


    i wonder if Asmeth and his crew are still kicking about somewhere,

    cause there’s a certain book i want him to try and get his hands on for me
    hoping he can smuggle out a copy


    Mmm Hmmm.

    Now you are talking. I had not considered that. The material planes are forged by the interaction of the 5 Elements the fifth being spirit, the basis for animus. If said animus is negatively polarized, i.e. antimus, does that produce antimatter, instead of matter?

    Very good question. I don’t know much about this, as far as I am concern such speculation is just so much “science” to me. Meaning rather shady hand waving stuff, unlike good trustworthy magic. But it may be.

    I should talk to Volund and Phaestus about this. They understand science. I don’t.

    Could be, it seems to make logical sense to me at the gut level. That’s typically a very good sign!

    Great thought!


    [quote=Nok’umbri;3720]So, if the Abyss is neutral, would that make the inhabitants neutrally charged as well? Therefore allowing a demon to travel to either of the two parts of the universe with no ill effects?

    This would help explain the weirdness in “Edwyrd’s” and Rupert’s auras when viewed by that other animage, Maelan.[/quote]

    Unlikely. Antimus is what killed Orcus and antimus was killing Tom until he countered it with enough godly animus to neutralize it.

    I’ve always read the weirdness as being a result of there being so much animus. Edwyrd is just a solidified animus energy pattern.


    Is it possible that beings naturally composed of what astlanians would reft to as “antimus” and everything in the “negatively charged” part of the multiverse is made of antimatter? That would be the ultimate opposite polarization, and would cause any intersection of being/planes of opposite charge to violently explode unless protected by some magic or technological device. Demons could possibly automatically shift their polarity from neutral to whatever it is in the plane they are traveling to in order to avoid exploding on arrival.


    One would think, but if so, how would we know if we were on such a world?

    If you are on one, it looks exactly the same except opposite polarized, if we are to believe this necromancer guy.

    On the other hand, assuming we come from positive planes, our animus would be positive, does it get depolarized on demonization?

    Not sure. What we do know is that non-demons do not go back to their home planes if killed on another one (material plane that is) however, demons are always drawn back to the Abyss, unless blocked. So clearly there is an attachment between demons and the Abyss.

    Avatars do get sucked back to their Outer Plane, but that’s the gods doing it. Not sure what happens to a god that dies on the material plane, I assume they get sucked back to an anchor of sorts.

    Gotta be honest, I really never paid much attention to the Unlife. I generally did not follow the D’Orcs into battle against the Unlife (and yes, they did battle Unlife quite a bit, but any more would be a spoiler)


    So, if the Abyss is neutral, would that make the inhabitants neutrally charged as well? Therefore allowing a demon to travel to either of the two parts of the universe with no ill effects?

    This would help explain the weirdness in “Edwyrd’s” and Rupert’s auras when viewed by that other animage, Maelan.


    Well, on the negatively charged part of the multiverse, according to this guy, it works exactly the same.

    So over there, Unlife would have positively charged animus, but of course, they would think it is negatively charged.

    So in fact, they would reverse the names. So if you could somehow get there everything would look the same, except for you.

    I don’t know what would happen if someone from our side (or theirs) somehow bodily traveled to the other side, bringing a physical body that was constructed with reverse polarity. I suspect it would begin to decay very quickly.

    My suspicion is that the Abyss is neutrally charged somehow. Given that animus can exist on its own here (that’s another document in the Library for Book 3) which we’ve discussed, my guess is that both positive and negative animus can exist here

    But I don’t know and have no way to test…it…

    Hmm, just thinking about a comment Lilith made in Book 3….or rather Asmodeus did and she agreed…undead, in this case-ghouls-do not hunger in the Abyss. [SPOILER]Melissance has not been running around munching on people around her or at least Asmodeus did not bring it up[/SPOILER] That would imply that the reverse polarization effects (rotting etc) do not happen here. That would seem like evidence that the Abyss is sort of neutral.

    As to digging deep into the Abyss…yes, we’ve dug very deep in the Abyss. [SPOILER]That’s why Tom has been whining about having a crack in his basement. You know, new house troubles that weren’t discovered in the inspection.[/SPOILER]

    That being said, Stranger Things has happened and we now all now know about going upside down. I binged last night, I had to wait because I had to order the DVD from NetFlix mail because as I’ve said really can’t stream over my AOL dial-up connection. This place is hell!


    I better go to Costco and get a tub (not a tube) of chapstick!

    I think I might need it.


    [quote=Gelcube;3714][quote=Puck;3706]Tizzy you wonderful wonderful demon you. I’m so happy I could get get gelcube to kiss you![/quote]

    Well, I thank you for volunteering me, however “kiss” may not be the correct word. Maybe more like “engulf and digest”.


    That’s what kisses are right? o.o

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