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    Is there any way that I could get the book as a Microsoft Word document? In the past when I have been a beta reader for indie authors I have found that it is easier for me to keep track of edits and comments with the track changes feature in Microsoft Word. If not it’s OK and I will do my best.


    What’s so strange about the Rain Oxford book is that it goes to a lot of trouble to mention rabbits, and how vicious they are – that’s one of the original book’s unique features. Unless there’s some collaboration going on, Rain is essentially burning herself for plagiarism.


    Format Request


    Yes, I am thinking about that.

    In many ways it would make my life much more simpler as I could merge in changes and stuff.

    What I mean by old school paranoia? I started this book a long long time ago, and was planning to traditionally publish it. I was always scanning new books to make sure that no other author had stole my plot and story and got there first.

    Of course, now that I’m on the third book, it would be pretty stupid for some other author to try to do something with the third book…

    It’s just my old school paranoia that prevents me from doing it. epubs and pdfs give a nice, yet false, sense of security to paranoid people. These aren’t particularly protected and I can copy stuff out of them in ugly format and into word, or a reverse pdf program could do it. So it is a totally false sense of security.

    I am leaning for subsequent releases to do this.


    [quote=The Author Guy;3972]it would be pretty stupid for some other author to try to do something with the third book…[/quote]


    Not immediately seeing the first one from blurbs.

    Second one seem rather atrocious. Of course it might not have been direct plagerism so much as he read waldo books and then wrote the same story on his own.

    But still reason for caution.


    She could have used some beta demons to catch crap like that!

    Of course, it’s hard to get beta demons for a first book. You basically use friends you can bully into reading your work.

    For book 1, I was fortunate to have 1) a friend who was a sf/fantasy book-a-holic even worse than me 2) a couple others that were working with me on a table top rpg that used Astlan as the setting.

    And an incredible amount of time to go away, come back fresh and read again, start again.

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