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    Well, technically I think Vaselle is a groupy.

    There may be some others that were at the battle that we haven’t seen yet.

    I think you’ve given me a good idea for a new business for Boggy and I, we are always looking for good businesses to start. We are business partners after all. I just need to find some artistic demons and some painting supplies and really tiny brushes…

    Probably need to get imps, most of them are small enough that a trading card would be notepad sized….


    Well, it certainly sounds safer to follow a link. We know Tom can follow a link, and create a gateway using nearby fire. I suspect he doesn’t need to use the fire, though.

    I also think he doesn’t need to use a gateway. All he would have to do is fade in/out. Naturally lately he’s been a glorified freight hauler. But being able to go somewhere without a prior link sure would help out right now getting everyone back home. I’m fairly certain he can come up with something if everyone will give him some time to think about it.

    Hmm, that sparked an idea. Tom needs a workroom to do these experiments and stuff. Also probably wouldn’t hurt to have Phaestus give him a tutorial on the World Gate.


    Well, now we ALL have something to look forward to. Merry ChristmasHanukkahKwanzaaFestivusCthulhuDaySolstice to us!

    Speaking of which, do demons celebrate any holidays other than “Killed my Accursed Master Day”?


    I forgot about that. it will be hilarious. Just imagine living with a medieval level of technology, and then you see a fight with lightsabers, lasers, and gravity cannons. Not to mention a demon that can apparently suck the life out of chaos knights with a thought. Plus certain people will be able to recognize Sekmet and her sphinxes. Sentir fallon is really going to freak, he will recognize sekmet, and he believes that Tom is Orcus. Seeing them work together, and kicking ass while doing so, is going to terrify him. Now that I think about it, these books need to be made into movies, if only for that scene,( Not that the whole series isn’t movie worthy, but I really want to see that fight if it is half as awesome as I imagined while reading it, it would be one of the best movie battles ever).


    Hmm, that does make a lot of sense.

    I’m sure they often feel overwhelmed by my effervescent personality.

    Too much of a good thing.



    [quote=Bradyman;2963]I forgot about that. it will be hilarious. Just imagine living with a medieval level of technology, and then you see a fight with lightsabers, lasers, and gravity cannons. [/quote]

    Magic. That’s all anyone will see.

    [quote=Bradyman;2964]I have been looking around, and having seen much speculation about Rupert, and rumors and speculation seems like the best place to ask, Is it possible that in the future tom becomes a Chronomaster or temporamaster or whatever the time warriors had and Rupert is his kid?[/quote]

    I was speculating earlier on something similar to this. I suspect that it MIGHT have something to do with the World Gate. Phaetus said in THH that the World Gate can go “anywhere in the multiverse where another World Gate is. Any distance in space, any distance in [i][b]time[/b][/i]” (emphasis is mine). I can see a scenario similar to several in the Stargate SG-1 series, where a malfunction, accident, attack, or anomaly skipped someone through time. However, given Tom’s current attitudes toward sex and love, I’m having trouble getting him into a position to father a child, then leave. He would never willingly leave someone he’s made a child with, which would indicate a tragedy that would significantly bring down the light mood prevailing in the first two books. Still, I suppose it could happen if it was couched as a continuity problem. You know, “Do this, and do it this way, or Rupert will never exist.”

    Similarly, I have a problem with your scenario, as it would require Tom to DELIBERATELY go back in time, find Rupert’s mom, have sex, conceive Rupert, then leave her for ten years, then NOT interfere as she’s stoned to death. While I suppose it’s possible, it seems really out of character.

    [quote=Bradyman;2964]OR an even crazier idea: the cocordenaux has been travelling the planes as a mortal for millenia, he has had several kids, maybe in low mana planes they don’t manifest as demons unless they are summoned. Tom and Rupert are brothers and their father is the concordenaux, the only demon powerful enough to have a greater demon half-demon son. I know there are a few holes, but it is a fun theory. So, would a half demon kid on earth necessarily manifest as a demon, or could it lie dormant?[/quote]

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Tizzy, is there something you’d like to tell us?


    Long long ago, Tizzy once said that the author has an interesting concept about “Warewolves”…So are we going to find out in Book 3?

    Also, what about Talarius’ one true love?? Is he going to remember/realise or just find out?? Is he gonna rescue her?? Alone/with Tom and company??

    Moreover, whose appostles are Stevos and Teragdor ??


    Yes, that’s what I’ve been thinking. Although to be fair, I’ve never had a lot of luck making friends for some reason.

    Boggy, Tom, Gastrope’, Antefalken and Rupert are about the only friends I have. OK, Maelen said he was a friend, and Jenn said so too outside Freehold, but I am not certain she meant it. And I do get along OK with Darg-nargoloth, but sometimes I get the feeling he’s only interested in a business relationship rather than friendship.


    Ooo, you could use Denubian wyrmwood cardstock and heat resistant paint. If you get the imps to draw and design the cards, you can use a few gems from the Doom Caves, and outsource the reproductions to a mid-tech Earth. Real gold-foil rare cards. You could make a metric crap-ton of money. Just be sure to make Tom’s card super bad-ass, and Bess’s card with her in a sexy pose.

    …I do love a cat-girl.

    Really, I just want to see Tom’s reaction when he has groupies (and grope-ies) looking for his autograph, or to sign his trading card.

    It occurs to me that the way Estrebrius was hyperventilating when he first met Tom, that he’d be one of your first customers. I really hope we get to concentrate a little more time on Vaselle and Estrebrius in Apostles of [b]DOOOOOOM[/b]. I kind of liked that duo. And I believe Vaselle’s a little more than a groupie. He’s a full-on convert.


    Festivus is the only universal holiday that I can think of.

    I personally look forward to the airing of the grievances.

    Followers of certain demon lords celebrate special events in their overlords history (conquests etc)

    I recently discovered that D’Orcs had been observing “The Day” as a very solemn festival, that was the day of “The Incident”

    However, this year it was celebrated as “Oath Day” it may end up being followed by “Victory Day” which is the day after when the KoC and Lilith’s army were defeated.



    Nah. I just speak my mind. :d/

    Speaking truth to power is what jesters are for!



    Well, Estrebrius was scared of being ripped into by a super powered greater demon.

    I know Boggy, I and Antefalken come off as cuddly, huggable and lovable, but many demons aren’t as pleasant as we are. Particularly the really powerful ones. Exador is a good example; as for that matter the same is true of Lillith. She can be cranky if you barge in on her.

    I think that’s what he was expecting/fearing when he met Tom.

    They will be doing stuff, Vaselle is going to be critical for helping Tom establish connections and get things up. Remember his specialties are Rune Magic and Conjury, so he’s going to be the go to guy for making new magic items. Not only cooling necklaces, but portals and things.

    The big problem Tom has at this moment is that he brought most all of his link buddies to the Abyss; and thus he had no easy way to return them to their homeworlds/cities. That will have to change; he will need more independent mechanisms to travel the planes.


    You are correct, I am like an impenetrable vault when it comes to keeping secrets!

    For example, no one knows that I grow my pipe stuffing in a secret chamber in my cave! Got all sorts of grow lamps and such.

    But I am the only person that knows that!

    Oh, I forgot to answer the Rupert question. Rupert is his common name; he also has a family name, i.e. last name, which if his parents were not married, is his mother’s last name. He also, more than likely, has a true name, which may contain Rupert in it, but will be far more complex.

    Somewhere in book 1 discussions on this forum there is a long discussion on true names and how one discovers them.


    There may be some hints on the Rupert/Tom family ties in AOD (even if there were going to be definite hints, I couldn’t tell you there were going to be, hints have to sneak up on you from behind) but the parental mysteries are probably not going to be resolved until the last book or close to it.

    There is a fair amount of information hidden out there in the Library and the maps, some of which are hints, a lot of which are background. I continue to add to it, but the problem is, somethings I can’t put in the Library until a book comes out or it gives too much away at this point.


    Ok, so no resolution to the Rupert/Tom/mom thing in Apostles of [b]DOOOOOM[/b]. Well, there will be a LOT of other things to speculate on, though. Maybe Hortwell and Zargy.

    Oh, oh! You know, Damien has said that he’s gotten used to having Edwyrd’s advice. Maybe he’ll become another warlock? He doesn’t seem the type, but he’s been closer to Tom than I’d have thought. There’s going to be more there, I feel. I wonder if Antefalken will formalize his relationship to Tom? Become his official servant.

    I also really want Tom to meet Bess. I’ll admit, Bess has really intrigued me, with the back-end stuff we’ve read in THH. I kinda think the Egyptian pantheon is cool anyway, and I feel a meeting between Bess and Tom will be interesting. Especially if she tries to seduce him like she did Exadude and Tall, Dark, and Jerky. Tom will probably get flustered and run. LOL She could come by my way. I have a thing for catgirls. =p~

    It’s kind of sad that Tom is persona-non-grata in the Courts now. It’d be interesting to see Tom show up now with his entourage. Like a celebrity. Of course, he still could. Sammael may invite him to spite Lilith. Wouldn’t THAT stick in her craw?

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