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    How many posts results into what rankings?

    Thanks for going over my threads NocandlE. I tend to splurge, if I post to frequently I talk to myself and limit topics, so it is best to wait and see what others do. Thus this show patience, a prized trait amongst stalkers and their variants.



    Apparently our data center was raided by Oorstemothian agents who confiscated our server under a search warrant pertaining to a group of demons and their henchmen who somehow sunk one of their official vessels.

    Of course, I, Tizzy, know nothing about such demons. What is this world coming to when sovereign vessels of Oorstemoth can be attacked and sunk with no provocation?

    Fortunately, Damien was able to negotiate the return of the server. I don’t have a lot more details yet, I’m awaiting more information.



    Site downtime on 9/20 to 9/21


    Greetings “Gentle-beings”

    Server issue aside, (glad ya’ll got it back)

    On a similar-ish topic. The vessel of Oorstemoth in question, the one that attacked the ship carrying Tom and Co.
    I would expect an old and powerful, if “somewhat” trigger happy bureaucracy like the Oorstemoth to give orders to heave to (law enforcement officials don’t just roll up and start shooting without identifying themselves and/or their reasons for sudden appearance), have a warrant for the imprisonment/ execution of the captain. For allegedly trafficking illicit goods.
    The subject of jurisdiction also comes to mind, high seas (international waters) fair game in Astlan?

    (On a different note, been ghosting the forums for a while, figured i would throw out a comment)


    Well, yes and no.

    There is some history that’s not explained in the book, and that I’m not completely privy to all of it

    However, it is my understanding that Asmeth and his crew have had many a run in with the Oorstemothians for their smuggling and a Warrant of High Justice had been issued for him and his crew. Under such circumstances, once they were able to positively identify and document he and his ship, they were authorized to execute the Warrant.

    Which they summarily tried to do.

    I should note that one of the more recent incidents involving Asmeth and his crew was in smuggling a group of tomb raiding rogues out of Oorstemoth with a valuable artifact that, at first, the authorities thought was given to Exador, but was in fact, given to Lenamare. There was quite a bit of legal wrangling on that as Exador had to extricate himself from the false evidence that Lenamare had planted on the rogues.

    Now, the rogues are still alive, because they have to testify against Lenamare, but they require no testimony on the part of Asmeth’s crew (or didn’t until now) because the rogues had all positively fingered Asmeth and combined with Asmeth’s long history of illegal activities, a court issued the Warrant of High Justice.


    Ah, well that clears up the interest on my end.

    Oh and thanks for the historic tidbit about Exador and Lenamare. I had been wondering about the back story of The Book. How it came to be in Lenamares greedy little hands.


    Glad to.

    There’s actually a fairly interesting backstory and forestory about that. I’m just not sure whether there will at some point be a prequel novel or simply some short stories. The rogues are currently in prison, but I’m thinking not for much longer. It’s not clear if they’ll show up in Book II or Book III.


    Why does the shadow NocandlE have 0 posts in his description???????????????????????????


    That’s a good question, the post tabulator and rank determiner is a bit weird, from what I’ve read.

    I think it updates your post every time you login and post again.

    My original sort of thought was that it would update every time you did a new post, but that has not seemed to be the case.

    So I think it’s tied to logging in and maybe posting again, and then it updates. Or perhaps it retabulates like daily and then updates you when you next post….it’s something convoluted that I didn’t get when I first read it. I’ll have to read more to understand it.

    He has two posts very close together, I’m betting one after the other???

    My bet is that if he logs in again and posts, we’ll see an update.

    I don’t recall now, but I think one is a shadow until one has 5 posts.


    On that note, just loged back and it is still showing 0 posts :-k
    Tizzy, I guess thats what happens when you build the forums with Duct Tape and Gum. :d/
    They need a bit of TLC/ WD 40

    Ps: Maou thanks for droping into the tread, your posts in the “Demon power ups” thread were interesting.


    Still zero. There is a very big bug here. Have fun finding that.


    Yeah, well, demons are not the most reliable workers on much of anything without the threat of torture…

    BUT they make horrible web developers!

    Have you ever tried typing on a keyboard with 9″ Nails/Claws? The curvature makes it particularly difficult!

    The better ones “hunt and peck” with their tails.

    The problem is, demons that are like Tom then end up frying their computer when the electrocute the keyboard!

    It’s hell being a demon!




    Figured it out[/size][/color] #-o

    For whatever reason, this particular Forum i.e. “This Website Forum” was set with “no count” on. Meaning don’t count posts in this forum in the totals.

    I think this was set because I may have renamed an existing/predefined “Help with the Forum” Topic and by default since the Forum is supposed to be about the forum, and not about “real” discussions it was marked to not count. Or maybe I just created the forum and was thinking that way and forgot.

    That happens a lot. Your short term memory starts to go as you get older, I know after my first millenia I had trouble remembering what I’d done as recently as three or four decades prior…sheesh…talk about awkward!

    Anyway, since NocandlE had only posted in this forum, he never got counted.

    I’f changed that so from now on posts in this forum will get counted.

    Unfortunately I have no way to restore those post counts (although maybe it will do it automatically)

    I wish I could manually adjust post counts, because I’d be able to turn myself into a Demon Prince then…


    Well somewhere there is a discussion, I think in this post of what the levels should be…haven’t changed any yet…I don’t think…

    At the moment:

    Astral Onlooker is not registered in the forum/is guest
    Shadow is registered for forum but less than 5 posts.
    Sprite is 5 to 49 posts
    Imp is 50 to 99
    Fiend is 100 to 199
    Demon is 200 to 299
    Major Demon is 300 to 399
    Greater demon is 400 to 499
    Arch demon is 500 to ?
    Demon Prince is there but has no number to reach, yet…hence some of the discussion on what levels should be.


    So are guests still called guests, or have you edited the site to call them astral onlookers?

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