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    AGAIN, YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN! *grumbles in a corner* I should have known you were going to use torture, but for this? this is evil.


    Well, I am a demon after all! Bwah hah hah hah!


    Very interested in being in the beta for this one too.



    I wonder if the patrons would be extra tasty splashed in D’Buttah?

    You are making me hungry.


    I would also like to be added to the beta list


    Always lock your screen with screen saver!


    T-A-G left the room to cook is “frozen pizza”–seriously? It’s not even DiGiornos…what the heck The Hut too upscale?

    He forgot to lock his screen, so of course, I had to look around, check his progress.

    So Tantor wanted a preliminary blurb for COA and OOA and T-A-G had to send them something.

    So I thought I would share it with you. I am thinking it’s a good way to keep pressure on him.

    I will post each in their own forum.

    [b][size=6]Oak Orks of the Antilles: Into the Night[/size][/b]
    The current tour of duty for Leftenant Trig Bioblast, Second Shaman of the OCSS Skull Crusher, had been completely routine, and, disappointingly, uneventful. However, this was to be expected for the job of second shaman on one of the mightiest cruiser class vessels to ever patrol the Antilles Cluster keeping the Peace of the Gormegast Horde Eternal. The days of revolution, when the horde had thrown off the tyrannical oppression of the human and elven corporations were a distant five hundred galactic years in the past.

    Today, there was very little in the cluster that could significantly challenge an Oak Clan Star Ship, nor, admittedly any other clan cruiser in the horde. Sure, there were minor skirmishes with pirates, brigands and spy vessels that had to be vaporized. There were also the odd planetary disputes to be settled, generally with local in-fighting on those worlds; but never anything that a few dropships with squads of heavily armored Oak Marines couldn’t “resolve.” The last battle that had actually required the Skull Crusher to marshal her full might had been with a squid ship, nearly four GY ago, well before Trig had joined the ship.

    All of which made today, much more interesting. While on duty, Trig had received an Automated Ӕthereal Message from the OCSS Bone Wracker; and while there was nothing unusual in getting a message from another clan cruiser, this one was a Call-To-Arms. An extremely rare type of message that was only issued when a ship encountered a situation that was beyond the capabilities of a single OCSS. Further, and more troubling, he had tried repeatedly to hail the other shaman, and gotten no response. That was completely out of protocol and could only mean something had happened to the shamans aboard the ship.

    Of course, the truly exciting news was that his superior, Thargus, was temporarily incapacitated, making Trig the acting First Shaman, giving him a front row seat to the investigation as part of the First Away Team. It appeared that, at long last, his on-duty life would get exciting enough to distract him from his off-duty life.

    His off-duty time had been a bit more than interesting. It had, in all honesty, been completely bizarre. About two Galactic Weeks ago, a long dormant shaman stone passed down his family tree for thousands of years had suddenly become active much to Trig’s surprise. Upon examining the stone, he’d discovered that it was linked to another stone—in a different universe, beyond the Astral Plane. And the people who had activated the stone? Well, they were an ancient army of mythological immortal warriors that his grandfather claimed had once ruled a vast Multiversal Empire, but then vanished for no known reason.

    It seemed that these, no longer quite so mythological beings wanted Trig, by heredity and as the owner of the stone, to join them and assist in their ‘Restoration of Glory.’ He wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but he was more than a little concerned that doing so might be a conflict of interest with his allegiance to the horde.

    A worthy adversary for their ship and a heated battle or two should serve to keep his mind off his mythological being problem.


    Exciting stuff!


    Is Tantor like a Titan in the basement that you need to appease to keep it asleep?


    So my first thought looking at the video was “how many youths out there might think this was the Spanish translation of the TV Show Mr Robot”

    Having not seen it in a long time, I watched it, and actually really listened to it for probably the first time since it was originally on MTV and realized that, actually, it could be the theme song for Mr Robot and I am now convinced they got the name for the show from the song. It’s sort of Elliot’s tale in more ways than one.

    The next funny part is that while I hadn’t really listened to it in decades, I also realized it was on a current Google radio station I’ve been listening to this week. I have it on as background and really never noticed the song playing other than the I am kilroy phrase, which I’ve heard about four or five times in the last couple days….



    OOH, very good point! I think you’ve hit on it!


    This fan approves!




    You listen to the same songs on a loop? Weird. But then again, sometimes I notice that it’s been years since I’ve listened to music, and never noticed.

    Anyway, this is the song that came to mind from this blurb. Maybe because I associate Warhammer with the 80s when I played pen and paper games.


    Not exactly, I listen to either Pandora or Google Play Radio stations. All of them have a limited play list per genre/topic/style whatever. Like a top 40 radio station actually. So if you don’t change the channel fairly often you start hearing the same songs come up again, albeit in a different order.

    I tend to play these stations continuously as background music while I work, and I choose them based on mood/desired mood and tempo for what I’m doing: energizing, relaxing, feel good, nostalgia or when writing battle scenes either stirring classical, or exciting movie scores etc. I don’t generally pay attention to the words, it’s more the ambient mental state they help achieve. Which is why if I hadn’t reheard the “I am kilroy” in the video above, I would have told you I hadn’t heard Mr Roboto in a decade or more, but it turns out, I had very recently, several times. The only thing I remember hearing was that phrase.

    But, actually, as a kid, I didn’t have a lot of money so I had very few albums or cassettes so I would listen to them over and over again, just like I read the same books over and over again because I either couldn’t find or afford new ones. Although I had a couple orders of magnitude more books than albums. 90% of my “revenue” (meaning allowance and lunch money–never ate lunch, pocketed the cash) went to books.

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