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    One of the observations I’ve had reading the Beta 2 copy is this.

    Hilda is digging up a lot of information. There is the sword, there is how the priests of Teirnon acted etc… in theory the Avatars are in a kind of heaven where the dead go when they’ve passed on. Someone there not simply ask about earth. Could they not just ask Talarius’s predecessor if he had the sword before Talarius, or ask the past generation of clergy about rights that have crept into the mainstream?


    The people who actually know this particular detail, about Talarius and Ruiden are basically going to be:

    Talarius, Ruiden, probably Barabus and several of the other knights and knight rampant. Not sure how much the upstairs would know.

    The Avatars know about the dagger because Sentir used it to kill Orcus and Sentir “discovered it” in fact, Sentir, Aodh and Lillith created Excrathadorus Mortis and as I’ve mentioned (somewhere) they used antimus to do it. It is in fact, the antimus in it (and a few other things) that is doing a lot of corruption in both Etterdam and Astlan.

    In particular, Talarius dishonerable behavior (that he notes during the oath taking) was while under the dark influence of antimus.

    We will discover much more of Ruiden’s origin and history in book 3.

    Church corruption basically seeps in over the years slowly so you don’t notice it. Most of the problems are noticed upstairs because they are removed from every day activity. People are always at the best preying, and you don’t usually have a reason to distrust your worshippers and basically over hundreds/thousands of years everyone, including upstairs gets more used to the “little corruptions” so they become common place.

    Only when the behavior is shoved in someone’s face, as what happened to Hilda does it become truly obvious. I still don’t think the extent is clear to anyone upstairs other then perhaps Sentir (who is working hand in hand with Evil) and now Hilda.

    Remember, she has just been reporting. Think of this as a field support guy reporting stuff to a management team at a meeting. They really aren’t grasping the full picture and are frankly preoccupied by what they consider (wrongly) to be bigger fish.

    Have B on the ground, should result in an eye opener.


    Oh, I get that. I was just thinking that unless talarius was the person who found the sword itself, this being a version of “Heaven” and all, the Avatars up there could talk to any dead Knight Rampant just before Talarius. Samething goes for the corruption. Sure I get your point about praying and what not, but can the Avatars not just interview a dead high priest about rituals. And if his/her answers don’t satisfy, the avatar could go back another generation, and to the highpriest before them, ad infinitum. I’m just saying that in an infinite plane where people go when they die, you don’t necessarily only have to rely on the living.


    Yes, that would make things easy…and it could be a way of possibly tracing the corruption.

    However, [SPOILER]that won’t work since Ruiden was not passed down to Talarius, Talarius found him. Ruiden is not technically a Etonian artifact, which admittedly is unusual. He is, however a demon slaying magic sword. More will be revealed in book 3 🙂 [/SPOILER]

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