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    Speaking of spelling mistakes, just saw a story yesterday where a scholar says he’s found a spelling mistake in the official copy of the US Declaration of Independence.

    So….I guess that means it’s null and void, so all Hail the new United States of Britannia!” God Save the Queen! Chip Chip Cheerio!

    Spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes when dealing with demons are a bad idea. One wrong semicolon and there goes your right hand…

    I’m trying to torture the guy, but he bought a new set of noise canceling headphones to drown me out….

    Yes, he did all of that…so…

    They all freak out, overreact and do stupid things that make things even worse. Pretty much Standard Operating Procedure from Book 1! 🙂


    yeah Tizzy, we all appreciate your word as to the story’s veracity.

    Actually as a note on GR ratings…I think that unless one is live rating as they read, everything is going to be biased upwards, because the books we remember the best to rate/review are the ones we liked the best and read the most so those books all are pre-selected/filtered to be ones the reader likes.

    I think I’d only really trust ratings on recent/new books, and even then…

    Well…for me, I don’t have the time anymore to read a bad book. If I don’t like a book, I don’t finish it, if I don’t finish it, I don’t rate/review it. I had to do this because I ended up with a queue that was never getting finished because “I had to finish this other book first.” I finally gave up. Now if a book sucks, I stop reading and move on. So books I don’t like will never get rated on GR. Another pre-filter for ratings.

    And oddly, given the modern attention deficit disorder way the modern world works…now days I read more short stories than novels…I used to hate short stories…and most of it is netfiction…


    speaking of spoilers… um.. i was wondering, there is love in the future of tom? it doesn’t seems like it will be, but don’t hurt to ask 😛


    [quote]How long will the second book be, if you are going for speed it’s long enough, but when did he start typing the book, if it started after the first was published he types fast. and once more i suggest beta testing for small typos and minor critique to better express your thoughts for the novel.[/quote]

    It will probably be about the same length as the first, maybe a bit shorter…it depends on where a good break point comes.

    The problem, as it was in the first book, isn’t how long “a book is” it’s how long the entire story is and where/how does one break it up? So a shorter book 2 means a longer wait for book 3, etc…

    Judging his typing speed is hard. You don’t want to know when he started writing book 1. Let’s just say, Lenamare is probably older than Ned Stark….but then there was no typing for a very long time. However, the issue that put a big pause in the writing has been resolved/passed successfully and the road through book 2 looks like fairly clear sailing.

    He says he’s still aiming for end of year, but if I were to guess, that’s probably when the beta release will be.


    Delusions and Madness!!!!!

    See who’s not going to get to puff on my pipe any more!!!!

    Why on earth would we want weeds? (Other than the obvious one) Humans try to get rid of them.

    Realize that the Abyss is rather hot, hotter than any desert on Earth.

    However, the real reason there isn’t much flora in the Abyss, at large at least, is because it would require animus and thus attract mana…and thus attract demons and others wanting that sort of stuff.

    However, there are plenty of plants in the Courts, and various pavilions, like Exador’s. Now, most of these areas are more climate controlled, like anti-green houses or something, they are cooled for plant life that the owner wants.

    There has never been any native plant life in the Abyss, or if there were, demons ate it. However, Denubian wormwood and similar planets from that universe can and do grow fine in the abyss, where planted….at least until a demon comes and eats it.

    The Abyss is relatively hospitable compared to that world…sheesh…nasty place. At least we have Air in the Abyss. 99.999% of the Denubian plane is just nothingness…they call it a “Vacuum” and the Denubians have to use metal balloons to travel around between floating islands that are so far apart that light can take years to travel from one place to the other.

    So anyway, Denubian Wormwood can grow on smaller rocks that tend to orbit larger floating islands that actually have air on them.

    As far as where my garden is? Have you been talking to Maelen? He’s been trying to get a hold of my stash also!

    Well, it’s only 100 degrees Centrigade or 212 Fahrenheit. I point out that Quicksilver boils at 674.1 degrees Fahrenheit, and 356.7 Centrigrade. So it’s perfectly drinkable in even the hottest regions of the Abyss.

    Same with Denubian Choco-Coffee(TM) which is probably even less healthy for humans than QuickSilver.

    Other liquid refreshments in the Abyss

    Aniline (184.4 C)
    Brake Fluid (100-200 C)
    Butyric Acid (156 C)
    Camphor (204 C)
    Ethylene Glycol (197)–[i]Sweet and Tasty[/i]
    Glycerine (290C) –Mmmm….

    Iodine boils at 184 C, that’s got a bit of a bite, but is great!

    And I could go on, but I think I’ll just stop with my two favorites: Petroleum at 294 C, Turpentine at 160 C.

    Now, of course, if you want something humans like better, then Olive Oil boils at 300 C. So as long as you don’t mind frying your throat, you’ll find that at least digestible.


    Yes, clearly all gods are truly immortal, unless their religion says they are not. Some gods can die. But to truly die they have to die on EVERY plane of existence, as long as there is belief somewhere, that the god exists, then they still exist, possibly at a reduced level.

    I’m just not going to impugn anyone by accident, better to claim a mortal god immortal than vice versa and get hit by Blue Lightning.

    nasty stuff, Blue Lightning.

    It is all very complicated and depends on the pantheon.

    But realize this, even then it is not so simple. Some pantheons establish different rules on different planes of existence, and even within the same plane they may move between cultures and change/mix things up. The Egyptian gods were really big on this. If you follow them over time and in both lower and upper Egypt, you see the same or similar beings sometimes they are separate people other times it’s just a name change, sometimes two deities are parent child sometimes lovers–husband and wife—

    The thing is, these gods stick around for a long time, and they will change their PR tactics and branding to adjust to the time and place. They will try different marketing strategies. Change their names, their roles etc.


    Vampires do NOT sparkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That woman didn’t know what she was talking about.

    Vampires are godless, vicious, bloody, killing machines without heart, soul, compassion or remorse. .

    You know “good folks” really fun to party with.

    Nothing like she talked about.


    Noooo! So the book will be published late! That sucks! Can’t you terrorize him to go faster?

    Humor aside, really looking forward for book 2. Can’t wait to see how things go with Tom and his buddies.

    Also, don’t be too concerned about spelling and grammar. Shucks, William Shakespear makes terrible spellings! Mark Twain isn’t really that good either (and he had some great fight with one of his editors becuase the editor dare to correct his writings, lol). Read one of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s popular books and you’ll be shocked by the terrible grammar. Still, readers seems to be blind to the faults essentially worshipping their books.


    Huh? Am I the only human here? Talking to demons and maybe vampires is fun and all but I think I need charms when any of you decide to give me an ‘accident’ in the future.

    I’m really looking forward how people freak out in book 2. Who knows… a few misunderstandings and misinformation could create such paranoia?

    Still the scene where hundreds of demons flying out of the castle like bees from a beehive would bring terror to any people’s hearts. The people on the docks in Hoggensforth are intimidated with only little Tizzy here. Hundreds and hundreds? Jenn’s prediction about the whole city getting empty while in Hoggensforth might not be too far from the truth.


    Yeah, well good luck collecting them. He is so damn cheap.

    I always insist on separate checks when we go out, cause he’s always coming up short in the pool.

    BTW you should have seen the fight that nasty daughter of his (the loud one) got in with Lillith at the last Council of Evil meeting!

    Linda Evans and Joan Collins could learn a thing or two…


    Allow me to put it this way…I don’t have a soul to sell, I didn’t give it away and that ‘brief span’ covers closer to three centuries. The only unfortunate thing is, I have to return to law school to refresh my degree every now and then. Dear gods, college is more expensive than my ex-wife! Sadly, she disappeared under mysterious circumstances.:-({|=
    However, I haven’t had yet managed to be referred to as a ‘business consultant’. Perhaps I’ll put it next on my list.

    By the way, when you were still alive, did you ever consider becoming a vampire? The hours are murder and the side-effects are rather damning but the fiscal and female benefits are rather numerous and my cold, dead heart has never been more satisfied. Of course, the stakes are quite high, but it is oh-so worth it. Hmm…now that I think about it, is it not perfect for a demon and vampire to work side-by-side; or, at least, fang-in-claw? They sell you their souls, I bite them, they die, you get what you want, I get an undead slave to further my empire. The idea is so tempting…

    But alas, I fear I would never be able to ally with such a vulgar creature as you Tizzy. There are some things even lawyers won’t do. And before you ask, yes, sleeping with Hilary Clinton is one of them.


    Well, those fatherly type men attracts lot of female affection but often repels some women (I think the slutty ones and the drama queens). These are demons though and they might not really get attracted to these type of men. Maybe they like ones like Antefalken, being great in bed and all. Many demons seem to be dedicated to pleasure.

    As for reading romances. First many of the books I read isn’t ‘teen’ they are more of rated xxx, adult, though I also read lots that are for teens and even children. I read them for many reasons. One of it is that my first experience with romance books is quite positive. I liked the story very much. However this doesn’t turn out to be a majority in this genre. Most of these romances are a little better that trash. Still, I continue hoping to somehow find gold. Nope, more trash. After a few dozens of books I only found maybe three or four that I find good, others not so much.

    Second, it is also because they are one of the most prolific genre. There is almost always something new in the romance section. The other genre not so much. Not to mention, the fantasy and si-fi genre rarely sound exciting. It often is just another space opera, another superhero, another bad guys vs good guys, another guy destined to great things, another prophecy tells blah blah. Really the fantasy and sci-fi genre is also filled with mediocrity.

    Third. I actually had stopped reading romances for a long time. I hardly read any fiction for that matter. I often read now reference books especially on arts and craft, computer graphics, drawing, architecture, history, etc. These I find to rarely disappoint me. For fiction, I often reread the ones I like. And I say I read Into the Abyss and others dozens of time.

    Fourth. There is always those times when you think you find some gold nuggets. Something that might be outstanding. Something that feels like you have to bet on. Then it turns out the gamble is wasted. It just really isn’t as good as it says in the cover. Also these Goodreads rating don’t really help much. Many seems to praise and give many of these books full five stars even when the story isn’t really that great after all.

    In the end, what I learned from history (and experience) is that these romances is just unrealistic. Records has show that this love thing creates intense pain, missery and tragedy than happily ever afters. That people would soon turn against each other. Than many men and women would be unfaithful. That many would end in divorce. That many women would become single mothers. That many children would live without one or both of the parents. That some children would end killing themselves. That some of these children would start buying guns and shoot people in schools and such.

    The real life is far more interesting that any fiction. Reading about the Nazi camps, is far more wholesome that reading about some womanizing alpha male ‘finding’ and then fucking his mate. The struggles of the occupy movement against Wall Street, is far more meaningful that the good vs evil tropes. Studying and practicing drawing human anatomy is far more reviting than learning the spell words Harry Potter uses for blasting his enemies.


    Tizzy please update us and a few more spoilers would be most welcome I am trying to collect more souls for you but people are so finicky about signing in blood no idea why :-k


    Well, clearly none of your friends are mortgage lenders or work for credit card companies, banks, investment firms or tech startups otherwise they would realize that this is simply Standard Operating Procedure in the business world.

    Hmm, spoilers?

    Well, as you can imagine, people finally realize that I am the true protagonist, and it’s revealed that I’m dating both Bess and Lillith, being doubly endowed, I need double the babes.

    <--looking furtively for lightning bolts, acid, fireballs, etc-->

    Antefalken has a very embarrassing moment when Asmodeus requires him to sing his favorite song or Tom and Rupert will be killed permanently, and Antefalken’s voice breaks causing him to stumble mentally and fumble the words and the 14 book series ends prematurely halfway through book 2.

    Oh, and then Boggy and I get married to fulfill Tom’s dying wish that we be partners in love as well as business.

    But then, Lillith and Bess get jealous and kill Boggy permanently, and then they start fighting each other, over which one gets me and then…oh..OH…

    Uh…sorry need to go…


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