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    Don’t get too stressed out TAG, most of this will be worked out hopefully without too much BS, I’ll throw my review up so you get a good Head start for the Canadian Section. can’t do anything for the .com section though.


    So after we get the Amazon thingy straightened out, and you take a week or two off, what’s the ETA looking like for CoA:ItW? Maybe late Summer/early Fall?


    I imagine it’s hard to write a story in a fancy manner while not using it day to day.


    Yeah, that’s my hope.

    I am not taking time off. I”m supposed to be writing right now, in fact, however this freaking amazon thing is distracting me.

    It’s not like I can do anything about it, it’s basically up to amazon to fix this stuff, or tell me how to fix it in the case of the KCR.

    But it’s driving me nuts that I can’t adequately communicate the problem and fixes to people. So it’s just hard to “relax and write”

    I’ve posted stuff about it everywhere I can manage, and even replied to reviews that complain about the problems with fixes etc. But almost no one reads comments on reviews, nor goes to the authors pages/forums.

    Of course, the other thing is how many people do not even know about this site, even though it’s got a link in the front matter.

    If it looks like book 4 is slipping due to complexity, I might let it slip and insert OOA in there as well before 4. The other two are supposedly half the length and “newish” so have lest continuity/backstory to worry about getting right, so should thus be faster to write/beta/etc.



    I gotta wonder about unverified purchases. The only way to have read the book is to have bought it through amazon (or I suppose Create Space, but there are very few sold directly there, probably none if people want the paperback they’d probably go for free shipping and prime) So if you read it, amazon would know. And clearly a few of the unverified have read it to know what they know.

    So I wonder if the unverified reviews are from people outside the US who review on the .com site. They probably don’t share purchase history across borders. The EU in particular would frown on that, they are good on personal privacy.

    I get the reviews that are on the book formatting, hopefully those will change. It’s the ones like the 1 star by G. Gardner (real name–according to a tag under it) that one makes no sense, and he even protests that he’s not lying and posting a false review on a random book, which makes me wonder more.

    I mean, if this fellow really is “Guy Gardner” it would be in character for him. Still not clear how he got himself ring and lantern in the first place. I thought they had tests for that. I liked him best, I think when he had the yellow ring.

    Anyway, when they just say it’s crap without saying why they don’t like it. That bugs me. I need to know what people don’t like.


    Please. If G. Gardner wasn’t a troll, then it was someone with so little grasp of the English language, that I can see no practical way they could understand the book enough to enjoy any part of it. #-o

    Just posted my own short review. Try to pull up that star rating!


    Saw it! Thanks a lot!

    I looked at Gardner’s other reviews, he uses that form of speech for several of his reviews. i did find one that was serious, but like one star.

    But I think asshole is new “hip” thing. Everywhere I turn on the Internet or News, these days, it’s like people are going out of their way to be as rude and objectionable as possible. It’s almost like there was some new role model people were following.

    It’s so nefarious I would almost suspect an archdemon of instigating it.


    Exactly how many religions is the Demiurge actually running on the earths? I mean he’s in nigh constant conflict with Sammaels forces so it would be logical to grab as many as possible right?


    Maybe the Demiurge is behind the bad reviews to drive down your books!!! Conspiracy confirmed.


    Well, we know he can’t stand bad press. So that would explain a lot.

    I’m very glad the Demi Urge doesn’t tweet. I now have a pretty good idea what that would be like…

    He’s got a lot. 3 top tier ones that are each divided internally into multiple warring sects. It’s literally like a free-for-all of worshipers, each of the splinter groups warring and competing against each other for his attention and affection.

    I mean, it’s not that unusual for worshipers of different gods with a pantheon working to out do, or defeat the followers of the other gods in the pantheon, but when you are the only god in the pantheon? It’s an odd system.


    How’s Into the wilds coming?


    Just like with the sporks, he keeps going back and forth.

    I would say they will be a little delayed, not sure if both will come out before 4, as was the plan, it depends on how the three stories go and the whole beta and editing mechanics. If it ends up that one is delayed until after v4, it won’t be hugely after.


    Okay, thanks for the update.

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