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    That would be funny! I love that idea. I think Lenamare would have an aneurysm and Jehenna’s temper would probably freeze the entire Council palace…

    You’d want to be safely in the Abyss to avoid their wrath!


    Imagine poor Jenn. She’d find the Abyss very pleasant compared to being anywhere near the two of them after they opened the book.


    Is it possible to corrupt a divinities god pool so that instead of the mana being purified by its practitioners, it is instead corrupted. Also could that cloud that 1 hits demons possibly be modified in such a manner as to destroy a god. Entropy tends to destroy most things given time and it sounds like something a demon might utilize.


    [quote] They don’t behave like light does. There is no such thing as a ‘camera’ (and our eye is a camera) that could focus these particles and form retinal images. [/quote]

    Correct. HOWEVER. Not 100% true. There is a way that was used in very early accelerators, for example in the early fixed target experiments where the “beam” was of fairly low energy (by modern standards).

    At many experimental sites at BNL (Brookhaven), you stand only a few feet from the particle beam, separated by a chain link fence. While not advisable for the last 30 or 40 years. Very early on, these fences weren’t in place and people would move the targets and equipment with the beam on.

    They would locate the beam using their eyes. It wasn’t visible directly, but if you got your eyes directly in the beam, the charged particles would pass through the liquid in your eye with a velocity greater than the speed of light in the liquid. This resulted in Cerenkov radiation, which is light and which your eyeball’s rods and cones could detect.

    According to some older scientists I was working with you saw sparks and glittering light, sort of like eyeball ‘floaters’ but glowing.

    Now, I don’t think this was a good idea even at the time, and certainly a bad idea today, because you are literally shooting a beam of charged particles through your brain, and if that’s not going to cause cancer, I really don’t know what will.

    But it is a way of “seeing” this sort of radiation directly.

    Not happening here though, not in the book.

    And do not try at home, assuming, like Sheldon Cooper, you can build your own home particle accelerator.


    From what I remember starship shields aren’t really aerodynamic either, shaped like ellipsoid if I remember correctly after all there is no air in space. Those artificial satelites circling the earth for example would break apart if they travel in air for even moderate speed.

    Also domes aren’t aerodynamic too.

    JMBT: I’m only following where a misinformation would lead. Here the misinfo is Rupert and Tom’s relationship and from what I know about demonic children.

    And hey Tizzy unfair, that info about demon children and power levels are not in the book or in this site.

    Also to make such scale you need to know the weakest and the strongest possible to mark the lowest and the highest end of the scale like the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. For the Mohs scale the softest is talc with hardness scale of 1, hardest is diamond with hardness scale of 10. Now the problem is, it is mentioned that the level scale of demon power is man made, like the Mohs scale. Now how do these humans know the strogest possible in terms of demonic strength for them to make 6 the top? Where is the Mohs’ diamond?

    Not to mention, many scales that has been used are often adjusted and extended. The Mohs scale for example tops at 10 (diamond), but then there are materials that are harder than diamonds (like hyperdiamonds) and thus they are out of bounds in the Mohs scale.


    Sorry let me clarify. I meant corruption in a manner similar to contamination. A mean to corrupt the god pool that serves as the fount of power for the god. From what I have been told the god pool is the intermediary between the god and those who serve them, so contaminating would have negative effects on all those who rely on this pool for power. Kind of like the True Power in the wheel of time series. In essence a film was placed over the power so that all who drew on it drew in some of the insanity woven by an old evil. The power is still their and can be accessed, but now all who use it are forever tainted by a dark power.

    I mention this as corrupting those who serve the divine with their own power sounds just positively delightful for me. As it would be a demonic taint my mentality would not be affected all that much. It is just wonderfully delightful to watch the mortals kill each other for reasons I have direct influence on. They will likely think of reasons to bring harm to one and other without any demonic influence, but their reasons aren’t as creative.


    [quote=Tizzy;316]Now: Why is everyone so freaked out by my pipe? The answer is actually quite simple, when you think about it. Tom eventually figures it out. But it’s not “conjuration” as in it was someplace else and then teleports to my hand. Nope.

    Another possibility would be, you are hiding it inside your body. That would mean you are able to shapechange.
    I think Tom would have noticed if you did hide it without shapechanging, ie you pulling the pipe out of your a… .


    Well for one Lenamore just bombarded the substance with energy, and found it went boom, without any understanding of the properties of the matter or their effects on humans apart from instability. People believe magic glows and a giant non-glowing magical explosion would be shocking. Demons also have much better eyesight than humans and likely have a broader visible spectrum than them. Not sure how far it extends, but he did admit all his senses improved. It is strange to observe how they use magic to obsere effects and have difficulty understanding the cause of things.

    It’s like doing A leads to the causation of B. So they accept the fact and move on without much further analysis as to why this happens. They also no of smaller particles such as cells, but I am currently unaware of how technologically advanced they are.They likely exceed or match the technological levels of some people if you include magic, but are likely not that advanced as the knowledge isn’t very widespread as of yet. As tech rises it gradually seeps into the populace, but they are limited by their mana wielders as only their magical knowledge seems to grow at any decent rate and that is still up for some debate as their superstitions pollute some of the data which they draw and thus alters their perceptions of magic into a refined image that masks its pure nature so how advanced they are likely various based on the mindset of the leading mana wielders in the area.


    I wonder is Jenn’s Diary and Lenamare’s book one and the same. Did Jenn’s dairy somehow time travelled to the past?

    It was because the two books looks just the same excepth age. Books in medieval times are hand made and it is quite impossible for two handcrafted objects made from different time and place (and purpose) to look the same. Just like a vase from the Ancient Rome would look very very different from a new vase made by a local potter.

    Still if it they are the same book, I’m still at loss at how could it be very important, maybe except for knowing the future.



    Not only that, we also would have great demonic reactions from Exador, Ramses and Bess. A lot of effort and lives are sacrificed for this book and it turns out to be some adolescent scriblings. Their jaws would have dropped to the floor.

    There is no escape for Jenn, even in the Abyss! Poor girl.


    ARRGHH Extremely good plot point! ](*,)

    Exador, Ramses and Bess would be really ticked off!

    They lost a huge humanoid (humans, dok sidhe, orcs, etc) army due to Lenamare’s big boom for nothing!

    I have to be honest, having never seen one of the “Nuke You Leer” bombs in action that Tom describes…I’m not sure it wouldn’t be about as good as a C.o.D. for permanently killing people. Which would also make the deities of all the soldiers ticked off!

    Not good….


    Well, Tizzy, if you really want to knock ’em dead you can always tell them where you stash your pipe. I’m sure they’d be suitably…surprised.


    I could tell people where I stash my pipe, but I won’t tell ANYONE where my pipe stash is!



    As to what people know…it’s really hard to say, because information is not democratized at all in Astlan.

    A lot of demons know a lot of stuff, scientifically speaking since many are from an “Earth” and many are from advanced space going races and universes. The Denubians being one well mentioned example.

    Wizards also know a lot, based on their model of the universe. It’s not safe to assume that the Astlanian model of how the universe works is the same as the “Earth” one. And this applies to reality as well. Some things are true both places, but not all.

    The actual laws of physics are different in different worlds. Yes, at some level there is a Grand Mulit-Universe Theory of how things work, a consistent supermodel of the Universe, but what is observable on various planes of man can vary greatly.

    For example, when a nuclear explosion goes off, perhaps people on Earth are unable to witness all the effects because the overall mana levels are too low. Meaning maybe there are other types of radiation and reactions that occur during atomic division, but they aren’t observed on Earth because mana levels are too low, or more specifically “not all quantum states are reachable on Earth” Similarly, the same may be true for Astlan.

    I.e. Tom assumes there is radiation sickness (admittedly likely) and certain things based on what you have on Earth. But everything that occurs during fission or fusion on Earth, may not happen in Astlan, and things that might happen in Astlan, may not happen on Earth.

    Also, we don’t know for sure that Exador didn’t see blue glow. Tom was there at night, and yes using demon sight. The recorded periods of Exador being there were mostly during the day. Or maybe he didn’t think anything about it.

    And the blue glow could also be “something else” maybe as mundane as a secondary reaction to the explosion, or tied to some other magic….

    Now: Why is everyone so freaked out by my pipe? The answer is actually quite simple, when you think about it. Tom eventually figures it out. But it’s not “conjuration” as in it was someplace else and then teleports to my hand. Nope.


    Well, Tizzy, your pipe is one of the greatest mystery in the book. Maybe that is one of your magical ability? Conjuration? Seems other demons like Exador can do that too.

    As for the ‘nuclear’ bomb, I was really surprised that Lenamare know about it. Madam Curie has spend her entire life just to discover uranium and then it takes several decades and Einstiens E=mc^2, just to make a bomb out of it. Lenamare do all of it in his short mortal life. That is incredibly amazing!

    Well, still, it seems they don’t know the danger of radioactivity. Madam Curie certainly didn’t and it cost her her life. Is Lenamare sick now too? Cancer? Anemia? Infertility? I would expe t such since he is working directly with such substances with seemingly no protection whatsoever.

    And also, what about this Tom seeing blue glow from the explosion site? Radioactive substances don’t glow. Well, that is how Hollywood portray it but it is not what reality is. Radioactivity is invisible. You actually need a geiger counter to detect it. Did Tom have a special sight for them? Why can’t other demons see it, as it seems since Exador doesn’t seem to notice it. A special ability only Tom have?

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