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    Probably a good idea to place the theme park in an area/plane that’s seldom visited, that way it’s easier for security.


    Perhaps a moon in one of the material planes? like what the Nyjjir Ennead are doing?


    Well, not sure it’s a theme park…I suppose it is, they got their dead up there cavorting in the fields and valleys.

    Although one has to wonder what sort of afterlife it is if you spend eternity waiting in long lines to get on a ride?


    Depends how good the ride is, and what you get to do while waiting, I would presume.


    Wait a second!!! A theme park doesn’t need to be built! We could just use dream sequences from tartarus!


    This is true.

    I’ll get to work programming the long line dream program, with lots of clips of happy people riding exciting rides while people wait in line for a century or two!


    Ugh, Dream waiting, so much worse than real waiting.


    I can guarantee you the waiting lines at this theme park are going to fantastic! They will put those as the Mouse House to shame!

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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