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    I think it might just be best to just keep the private theme park as an addendum to Doom, rather than turning Doom into a theme park, since i doubt the D’Orcs would be pleased by that. I feel certain that the main group that will enjoy such a thing would be regular demons first, and then D’Orcs as long as it continues to be part of the leisure facilities rather than turning Mount Doom into Mount DoomPark™.


    Well, I suppose that could work.

    It would be an incentive to get people to emigrate from other places to Doom.

    So if we turn Doom into a giant theme park, perhaps we can then capture the Inferno, paint it red call the Big Red Flying Boat and offer cruises kind of like that mouse did.

    Heh heh Snow Black and the 7 Phaestuses can wonder around amusing guests! He would definitely be Grumpy!


    Second in regards to Lenamare’s wards, from Book 1 (seeing a typo or two but):

    Jehenna thought for a moment and then said, “But how? Demons are both magical and material. Thus, he’s blocked no matter how we balance the shield. That’s why pentagrams work so well on demons… remember?”

    “Yes, I realize that,” Lenamare said testily. “We can, however, play a few tricks with the oscillation frequency of the balance and sneak him in.” Lenamare motioned to one of his students standing nearby acting as a page. “Tell Hortwell and Elrose to meet Jehenna and myself in the primary ward chamber in five minutes.” The child ran off immediately to follow his orders. “Follow me,” Lenamare told Jehenna, and they set off to the catacombs.
    The children were gathered around the woodpile getting their third loads of wood. They couldn’t take much at one time; actually Rex was doing most of the carrying. He didn’t mind however; the primary point of having the children carry the wood was to keep their minds off the situation. Besides, the hard physical work also kept his mind off the situation.

    As he bent to pick up another chopped log of wood, he felt a change in the air. Reaching out with his mind, he could feel that the pentacles were oscillating. He could only guess that Lenamare must be trying something to let the demon in. The shields couldn’t be shut down temporarily without having to start from scratch to put them back up, but they had to do something to get the demon in before it seriously weakened the force field. Rex’s quick mind saw what Lenamare was trying to do.

    The best bet would be to set the field on magic mode and set it to oscillate at a frequency resonant with the demon’s spirit’s energy frequency. The demon’s physical body would pose no problem, since the field would be keeping out only magical energy. They’d have to risk only a short time of physical attack in case Exador got clever and sent energy into the field at the same frequency. That would be a forcing of the system, and if he sent enough energy in, it could overbalance the system and lead to a stochastic field, meaning the field would disintegrate into a bunch of isolated stability points and collapse.



    Yes, although a lot of the digesting problem was that he was stuffed. I.e. he was stretching his mana capacity. He’d consumed too much mana, very rich mana.

    So it’s basically like he’d been to a mana buffet and gorged himself and was feeling very bloated and sick with too much mana.

    All holy artifacts are made with purified mana, and then the priests seal it/dedicate with the god’s signature/nature/etc. For this purpose think of the mana as being the paper. Purified mana would be like really good parchment that takes the ink well without bleeding, seeping and is easy to read. Raw mana would be rough, uneven and the signature would come out a bit sloppy, uneven etc.

    Note that these are “feelings” that an aniimage would probably use to describe the mana. Wizards generally don’t notice such things much.

    This is also basically why using Tiernon’s refined mana was so nice against the Unlife. It was very pure and designed to use against Unlife and for healing. When using it, he was basically acting as a cleric of Tiernon. Now that being said, if he were taught, he could learn to purify mana for himself. Phaestus obviously knows how it’s done and could build purification devices.

    However, after much discussion, we decided it wasn’t a high priority project because it wouldn’t make that much of a difference for what we did, and because Doom uses a lot more “live” recently created mana than the gods do, you’d have to do a lot of the filtering in real time, which could slow things down.



    All holy artifacts are made with purified mana, and then the priests seal it/dedicate with the god’s signature/nature/etc.


    Just a semi-random thought for the morning…but could the actual process of refining mana by a god’s priest be actually compressing the mana and tuning it to a specific “freguency” – where each “god” has their own inherent frequency…mana that has been refined and tuned is very easy for those “in tune” with the frequency to use – for others is powerful but doesn’t quite fit with their own “frequency” so they can use it but it’s not the most comfortable or easy thing to do…

    Thinking along the lines of physics with resonant frequencies, harmonics, etc

    From Wikipedia
    [quote]In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at a specific preferential frequency.

    Increase of amplitude as damping decreases and frequency approaches resonant frequency of a driven damped simple harmonic oscillator.
    Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system’s resonant frequencies or resonance frequencies. At resonant frequencies, small periodic driving forces have the ability to produce large amplitude oscillations, due to the storage of vibrational energy.[/quote]


    This would fit with why certain times or phases of the moon effect spells for wizards…

    To be a mana wielder – need to be able to detect the basic mana frequency……..the mana frequency changes over time due to factors such as different phases of the moon, etc – so some times it is easier to cast spells at certain times of the luna month then others…

    Also, alternate universes have a different inherent base mana frequency – hence the mana / magic works differently in each universe – and some the frequency is so different that mana wielders can not connect with the frequency – hence tech universes


    Wow. Don’t know, it’s all science to me!

    Yes, I think that is pretty close to what they are doing. We also know they transmit it encrypted streams to protect it from being hijacked.

    Although for wizards, it might be a bit more complicated….although it could be, I’m not a wizard. Let me think.

    As a layman, my understanding is that the mana is relatively neutral, and it’s the element and its astrological associations, along with the caster’s that makes the difference.

    But I suppose that would work as the underlyer.

    For example a person with a water sign is a bit better with water magic than say fire magic, and someone with a water sign doing a water spell during a water period of time has the best chances of getting it right.

    So, yes, it could be the harmonics adding up, if the elements had associated frequencies as well. Mathematically it would make the most sense.


    Another thought….

    If the links between the planes are also frequency based – then the dome spell around the Citadel of Light could actually have been a dampening field or cancelling frequency to disrupt the connection


    Frequency Modulators? Sounds like something from Star Trek, should we expect freaky sapient parasitic snake creatures too? or Massive Manmade Moonfortresses of Doom? Tribbles? There’s already been a Stargate reference, Galactic empires who dress their soldiers in ridiculous looking White body suits?

    Etc Etc.


    Mount doom star?


    so I’m guessing because of this whole digestion thing that there is no point in trying to eat/absorb other demons/angels/gods to power up?

    also completely unrelated but Doom could totally use a water/lava slide starting at the top of the mountain down to the Doomspa
    would be super awesome


    why settle for just one slide when we could have a whole park
    i think d’orcs + tizzy could totally get behind an extreme and possible life-threatening water park
    don’t see that on the any of the outer plains now do you!

    gods and avatars be soooo jealous

    it would also totally throw people like Jenn (who believe all demons are unconditionally evil) for a loop


    I’m not sure how life threatening it would be considering the difficulty of death in the abyss in the first place, but ok.

    We probably at some point should decide whether this will be a one time thing or expanded into an entire Theme Park of Doom.

    Would certainly be a good way to attract more demon’s that’s for sure.


    First things first, in regards to the water/lava park.

    Opening such a park would put Tom in competition with Moloch. Remember, Moloch owns Hellsprings Eternal.

    Mologh is currently neutral with respect to Lilith and Sammael. [url=]See this.[/url] It would probably not be a good idea to alienate him by opening a better/competing playground.

    But it does sound fun. Reminds me of discussions with GelCube about the slippery road to hell…which would be a funny ride as well.

    Next, if you do build a great theme park, people are going to want to build hotels. If you are building a hotel, there is a certain archdemon who would try to muscle in and put his name on the hotel. Don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep him and his horse riding bare chested (nearly) bald buddy as far away from Doom as possible! True it would be a YUGE! hotel, but also a YUGE pain in the tail!


    bah just make it a private park and only Doomilialns? Doomers? Doomians? in


    I suppose, but how do we get the demons to the material plane? I guess we’d have to keep a portal open since most demons can’t travel there on their own.

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