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    Tizzy I am a fan of like 90% of that statement I just don’t particularly care to be enslaved as I am sure you know that feel.

    In regards to being a mana engineer I would really enjoy that job there are just so many devious ways you can generate mana.

    There is also a lot of mundane things you can do to improve on things like for example all those high tech goodies you run on electricity converted from mana you could instead run them on electricity generated geothermally or really environmentally in the abyss it lets you save on mana which you can use for other purposes.

    It is all just really kinda exciting all the possibilities! :d/


    Actually, some healers (specifically animage healers and the priests of healing gods like Hendel–a healing god) would probably know about bacteria.

    Not sure other clerics would, they have very straightforward rituals that they learn, much like wizards. So it’s very much a ‘canned’/’miracle’ approach. They would not need to know. But they might have different rituals for viral vs bacterial symptoms? Maybe? Depends on the god I suppose.

    Druids? The animistic/animage like ones, probably do know because they would heal like an animage healer.

    Priests of Healing gods, like Hendel, I assume study medicine and healing in great depth, so I would suspect they would understand the difference between viral and bacterial infections.

    Trained/experienced animage Healers would know given the way they work. They would be able to scan the body for “foreign animus” and should be able to detect it. Think back to Maelen on the ship doing healing; that is how they work at a very microscopic level. Very much like Deryni healing in Katherine Kurtz’ books.


    Oh yeah I definitely agree on there being a difference in mana production ratio.

    Assuming on a whole scale yes the bacteria would require more as there is more of it but I think when you break it down to the individual cell scale the requirements are less as on a whole bacterial cells are simpler with less complex processes so they are less energy intensive.

    What make bacteria so great is you can easily alter and create new strains which could result in higher mana production etc. Which is harder to do on sentient organisms they tend to object to that kind of experimentation. While bacteria have no choice but to be your guinea pig for experimentation.

    This is probably one of those things you would have to set up and let run to see how it works out unless you want to do all kinds of high order math with a bunch of unknown variables that you cannot find out with out several separate rounds of testing granted in the Abyss you basically have unlimited time for all kinds of interesting experiments.

    Actually now that I think about it bacteria do indeed have sentience granted its exceedingly low sentience but they respond and change in accordance with external stimuli in ways plants cannot.


    Interestingly along this line, many types of druids get their mana from plants (and animals). That is one big difference with druids (and some shamans) vs clerics. They get their mana from flora and fauna whereas priests get it from sentient races.

    I would suspect that there have been druids who have experimented in this regard, not sure how many on bacteria, but many would have experience with lichen and other very small organisms. Might be able to provide some insight.


    That is a valid point Iume. It just depends on how far disparate the quantity of mana generated is. The next thing is you are viewing bacterial biomass as small which is true yet at the same time you can fit exceedingly larger quantities of that biomass in the same space for example in 50 x 50 x 50 space you can easily fit 10 to 15 times more bacterial biomass than you could wizard (since fleshy beings have so much wasted space inside having thoracic cavities and what not). So say your individual bacteria only generates 25% of the mana of what a wizards cell would be capable of you still come out about even. Mind you I have not busted out a calculator figure it out exactly but that seems to be a pretty profitable endeavor to me especially when you factor in maintenance and what not. That and bacteria require less energy for life than wizards do.


    An interesting line of thought, especially as Wizards, Druids and Animages probably don’t know anything about bacteria


    I remember that Tom had trouble “digesting” purified/godly mana before
    is that because he wasn’t fully healed yet/back to spec
    would other god’s be able to “digest” purified mana

    also is there a merit to using purified mana to create artifacts/staffs/weapons rather than larger amounts or raw mana?
    does it result in a higher quality product
    although if that was true it would necessitate Doom purifying its own mana b/c pheastus has access to his own anyway and volund can probs get some from pheastus if he doesn’t have his own


    It’s a bit more complex than that.

    One big thing to keep in mind is that the gods really don’t like deploying their resources on the material planes for a variety of reasons.

    There are several things that keep the various gods at bay but the biggest is other gods. Anytime one god or pantheon gets too involved on a material plane it attracts the others and war can escalate.

    I think you need to view the entire thing as a game of “Powers” and “Super Powers” not unlike conflicts between nations, particularly during the colonial era, and even during the cold war and today.

    The material planes are the central power supply for the gods. It’s also supposed to be “shared territory” if one pantheon starts getting too much undo influence somewhere, others will move in to stake their claims.

    The worshipers on various planes are basically colonists who send valuable resources back to the “old country” e.g. outer plane. Every pantheon has its colonies from which it extracts mana. It’s a balancing act.

    At the moment, Doom is still weak (they are missing 20K+ warriors and 664 doomalogues), and its biggest ace in the hole is Tartarus. With Orcus gone, it was a “hope and pray to ourselves” that the system doesn’t break down and people escape. Now that Tom’s there? Doom once more has a key and means to open the prison and let angry people out.

    As a god, you really don’t want a kraken popping up on your favorite world and wiping out your largest cities.

    And there are worse things than the titans in Tartarus. Notice how you haven’t seen any of those eldritch tentacle gods running around in millenia? That could change.

    In any event, part of the rebuilding will be rethinking old strategies and how power is distributed.

    And finally, you are only starting to see what the D’Orcs can actually do. You will see much more in Book IV. I know for a fact that Ragala-nargoloth and Aarg-nargoloth are going to be making thunder and lightning in places other than the bedroom! Almost pity those alfar in their little temple on top of the dead doomalogue….


    So talking about Mana supply and the difference between what the current Gods have to what currently Mount Doom has. It makes it sound like the only reason Tom and the D’Orcs were on the same playing ground as the rest of the pantheon in Nysguard. Is because they were having to channel to get their mana?

    It just seems like after this conflict and the current events that the Pantheon could wipe the floor with MT Doom with ease. Really the only thing keeping them on the board is that the 5 siblings do not want to kill their warden.


    Heh, heh you note that we mentioned it had it’s own independent power supply? :d/

    The problem is, they’re just sitting there, sleeping. Not actively generating much mana, however they do produce a lot just by existing.

    Doom has a very large primary mana pool and several auxiliary ones (subject to limitations on multiple MPs) (see all the crystals in the basement–these were used to create them)

    The amount Doom can produce is definitely limited by the number of people there. At the moment it’s very weak compared to what it used to produce when there were 25 to 30 thousand people living there, demons, d’orcs, titans, deities. Also, don’t forget there were 666 Doomalogues out there generating power. Each with mana pools and thousands of people living nearby having shamanic ceremonies, parties, wars etc.

    Purer mana is basically going to be higher octane, you need less of it do the same thing. This is one big advantage the gods have.

    We talked about using our guests for filtering, but decided against it as the flow would not be regular enough and fluctuations would risk destabilizing them and the system. I.e. wake them up. Decided at the time it wasn’t worth the risk. You really don’t want to suddenly have a bunch of angry gods, titans and monsters awake and rioting your basement.

    Not fun!


    ok here’s a thought
    we’ve basically got a prison full of gods/titans in the basement
    why aren’t we using them to generate mana
    those are some pretty big batteries

    also, doom may not have the whole avatar filtration system, but we should be able to purify mana somehow
    maybe those big batteries in the basement are also giant filters?

    also wondering if doom has a max mana capacity and how that would compare to god and pantheon pools
    also wondering how dooms output rate is compared to god pools (like how fast can Tom pull mana from doom systems) b/c I see that being a big advantage b/c what does it matter if you can’t throw the second punch if he’s dead after the first one
    also its not like anyone has run one of these things dry yet so no need to worry about gas mileage slap a race engine on there instead of the economy version
    would having purer/more dense mana help or hurt that rate?


    I don’t know, I think the Snow Park would need too much mana to be worthwhile at Doom, plus you don’t want to make the Kraken chilly I’d build a Boom Gate to the top of an existing mountain with snow/ice and have it as an associated theme park.

    As far as a water park? Well, we’ve already got a big tank with a Kraken in it. If people like to pet dolphins, what about petting the Kraken?

    I’m not sure if we could get enough insurance for the park to let them pet some of our other underwater guests. Old squid head & crew would be nearly impossible to get insurance for, I can guarantee that getting Lloyds to cover them would literally be an “Eldritch Horror” One guest accidentally (ahem) sacrificed and they escape!

    Tentacle-chin’s got one buddy who is very hard to put an APB out on because his name is quite literally ‘unspeakable’ How do you communicate that over the radio?


    Engaging in some Brainstorming, although most of this has probably been thought of I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Since it’s possible to create snow in the abyss, i wonder if Tom could specifically designate a side of Mount Doom as a winter wonderland for Skiing, Snowboarding, Abyssal snowball fights, and other such Winter time activities.

    Going the other direction, since there’s a connection to the plane of water, a Giant aquarium could be kept with the option of capturing giant sea beasts to populate it, and then people could try their luck at a spot of fishing, or if they felt the urge, to engage in underwater combat like some sort of Sea Colosseum.

    With the prospect of climate control you could really confuse and flabbergast visiting mortals by having an underground Park or Garden of some kind. You could probably go one step further and make Gardening areas, nothing like being able to make your own food/alcohol, and make it easier to cater to the mortals in question. Plus you have to admit that the phrase “Abyss Grown Vegetables” or “From the Abyss to your Dinner plate” and the resulting Bewilderment of mortals would be worth it’s weight in Gold, and hilarious.

    Since Mount doom has Gates and Portals, would it be at all possible to link to a couple of the more friendly Demon settlements in order to have easier access to Abyssal resources and economic centres of trade? Not to mention access to more recruit-able Demons to pad out Doom’s Mana Factory, and this is obviously taking into account security concerns involved with having direct travel to Doom from other locations in the Abyss.


    that’s actually a great idea
    i could see a full contact sport being very popular in Doom

    plus I could see Tom as using it as an outlet for the D’orcs and orcs when he doesn’t want to do any multiverse conquering


    How about a D’Orcball stadium?

    It’s basically a hard hitting, more dangerous and deadly version of American Football. No helmets or padding, everyone wearing loincloths/bikinis.

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