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    is short?


    Somewhere in the Information at the beginning of Chapters, there is mentioned that at the time of the Anilords, there was no Wizardry. Only Proto Wizardy called Mana Enineering was started.
    (Counterpoint: In the timeline there are mentions of Wizards before that time.)

    Sooo… Obvioiusly thats only the Timeline for Astlan not the Localverse.
    So Wizards where late arrivals on Aslan, but known earlier on the other planets?
    Or was it only an name change?

    If Wizardry is relly an new profession? Who conjured Demons before?


    Tizzy I think a couple of times in the books talked about Animages being able to summon demons, but it isn’t as formulaic or safe as the means that wizards do it. I believe that a couple of times someone makes that comment to Tom while in his Edwyrd guise when it is found that Tizzy is ‘his’ demon.


    Animagic summoning is possible but more dangerous.
    D’Orcing being an example of an willing Animagic summoning.

    But if the enslaver where predominatly Animages prior to Wizardry being around, should’nt be there more hate from Demons against Animages?
    Or is the problem, we are only seeing young (enslaved by Wizards) demons (with the exception of Tizzy)?


    The original timeline was written by the Council of Wizardry. It is also very humancentric.

    Their history only goes back so far…basically in that part of Astlan Wizardry was lost for a long time and had to be rediscovered/reinvented. So the vast majority of their spells have been developed since the time of the Anilords. Some has been imported.

    But there are other groups of wizards, with different spells that do similar things. Think Western medicine vs Chinese medicine, etc. The laws of Wizardry are what they are, like the principles of Physics and Engineering, it’s just a matter of learning the rules and utilizing them, so it’s like different groups discovering the principles of Engineering at different times.

    On the other hand animages are simply natural talents/disciplines that harness animus and mana without a preset patterns/engineering. So there were wizards summoning demons in Astlan, thousands of years ago…just not so much in that part of Norelon within the time that Orcus has been gone.

    What I can say about animage summonings? Because of the risks, they were generally lower demons, and a lot more bargaining was going on. Think Faustian deals and such.

    And of course, priests and shamans and druids could also do it, in most of those cases though there are motivational difficulties in why would they want to? However, the hermetic druids would have rituals very similar to a priest or wizard to contain demons. And shamanistic druids/shamans would have had some as well.

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