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    Still going on Beta 1, this is going longer than I expected, Doom Busting is hard work.

    Currently Beta 1 is at 269,293 words. It will be at least 275,000 words if not closer to 280,000

    Again given that the vast majority of sales are ebooks, and a majority of those are KU–and KU pays by the word….

    Story quality is thus the most important thing.

    So we do what it takes, whether that’s cutting or inserting.

    Anyway, not getting it out tonight, we are building to the end of climactic battle quickly, I have finished round 1 of the climactic battle and am moving or for round 2, I think this battle will be a lot of fun for you, but it is taking a bit of time to figure it all out.

    The question of the clean up? And by clean up I mean the forces of darkness that are left over. That we will have to discuss as to how much goes into this book and how much into the next.



    I think the major clean-up should occur in this book, then we could maybe have a small scene or two of people doing clean up, you know burning zombie parts or hunting down escaped vampires in the next book.

    By major clean-up i mean the political ramifications.


    [quote=LCSpartan051;5471]By major clean-up i mean the political ramifications.[/quote]

    Well the problem is that the political clean up will take a long time, book time, there are ramifications that are extremely immense, and in fact, those are the second half/second third of the series.

    So how much political clean up do you mean?

    The big thing that we are adding in here also is that it’s not just Talarius that is having a crisis of conscious

    You will see that Hilda, Stevos etal are very disturbed by what they heard. This is going to be huge for them.

    Then of course, there is the fallout for Sentir Fallon, then there are discussions between Doom and Tierhallen etc

    And a big problem I have is that it’s going to take a lot pages and time for people to work through stuff, and in the meantime what about all the other characters? Do I just send them on hiatus?

    People’s worlds are being rocked ever bit as surely as the walls of the Citadel are being rocked tonight.

    That’s not a quick clean up.


    Thinking on it, I could just do an entire book on just the fallout and political issues; ignoring what’s happening with the Doomalogues.

    There is a lot of meat to chew on being generated here.


    By clean up do you mean defeating them or driving them from Nysegard? Once the Storm Lords are defeated and the Citadel is safe then you can stop. Having small pockets of unlife remaining behind, unable to get home? Well, that is okay.

    If the unlife scattered throughout needs to be removed then that can be a cleanup task that happens in bk4. Something the various avatars can continue to assist with and serve as a means of bonding/friction between then and Doom as work alongside each other in less stressful circumstances.


    I think sticking to the established style of ending after the last big bad is down and the remainder are staring stunned is best. Sort of like a literary mic drop. I understand if you did that for space in previous books, but I’ve gotten used to it , it has grown on me, save the smooth clean up of the details for the last book.


    By cleanup, I basically mean the last big bad is dead, and the other baddies are getting the hell out of dodge, how far does this go?

    We then have wrap ups in the Lacunas

    I’ll release Beta 1 after the last of the big baddies are defeated and then we can talk about the other baddies.

    But the reason I question how much clean up is because the big baddies are not the Storm Lords themselves, it’s what they’ve brought to the table.


    It depends on what you want bk4 to focus on….is it Talarius’ quest to save this lady love…and the fall out in Tiernon’s camp…..Exador’s siege of Freehold

    if so, then clean up enough of the bad guys so that the people who normally live in the Citadel can take over and finish up…..just enough to get them ‘over the hump’ so to speak, of the big bads…….then if necessary, you can have check-in points during bk 4 with the Citadel to find out their progress

    Can’t knock down the confidence of the people in the Citadel, by cleaning up all the mess – you will give them an inferiority complex


    Hmmmm, How do you want the 4th book to start? and i know that they are all considered one book but from a practical perspective they are functionally separate

    so… knowing that how will the 4th book start with a down beat or an upbeat?
    are we mopping up? party’s over time for the cleanup? or, are we moving on to the next pub in a pub crawl?

    its an interesting problem, i think i agree with the half-half approach, major cleanup should probably be complete leaving the citadel able to complete the task. tie a knot in the story threads that are currently being explored and active.



    Well, not sure book 4 would start as downbeat, after all the Citadel survived with fewer casualties than they were expecting even before the interdiction. Although they will have quite a bit of rebuilding of the Citadel to do.

    The SL army will probably be fleeing and teams will be going out from the Citadel to hunt them down to make sure they are gone.

    The big aftermath though will be coming to new understandings between Nysegard and the 5S, in particular Tiernon and Torean who’ve been the most MIA, Doom and Tierhallon and 5S, Team Hilda dealing with new truths about what is going on, Talarius deciding what he’s going to do….

    The Talarius arc will bring us back to the Inferno arc, then there the Doomalogue story to continue, the Rede story, Vaselle/Tamarin story and Tom’s overall continuing story which will involve dealing with the 5S, Nyjyr Ennead, then we have Sentir Fallon, Aodh, Lilith, Exador and his quest for the Book and vengeance on Freehold

    Basically all the other arcs resume after being paused.

    [SPOILER]And then there are the things that pop up at the end to drive the rest of the story, including Doom’s newest allies/guests[/SPOILER]

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