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    The two of them are in their quarters on the Inferno and they seem to be shape changing with their armour. They even mention that they lie to everyone about storing it in a bag.

    Their powers seem demon/avatar like but they do genuinely seem unfamiliar with the abyss and its inhabitants.


    What are they?


    They’re Unicorns. It actually talks about how each is the other ones mount and how all unicorns have a same sex mate. When they want to reproduce they mate with someone from a different species. Plus its not that they were shapeshifting they were trying to shift to the ethereal plane something that is natural for unicorns, but it wasn’t working correctly.


    And since I am dictating the story to T-A-G I can point out that their armor is the same color and oddly similar material as their respective horns…hint hint…at what I don’t know…but I like saying hint hint!


    thanks, I can’t believe I missed Sam explaining that.

    What is the false God and his Church’s view on Unicorns? Other than one of the avatars saying they don’t use many “alternative mana wielders” they don’t really say why they are hiding.


    Why who is hiding?

    Sam’s “adversary”, is a known to “Bogart” mana (hogs it all for himself). His priests sweep into a region and start doing ridiculous numbers of worship services per day to suck up all available mana. He’s then extremely stingy about releasing it to his priests. At least on worlds he feels he dominates. He will definitely expend mana through his priests to claim new territory, but as time goes on, there are fewer and fewer ‘miracles’ down to the point where a simple healing ritual is considered a ‘miracle’

    True miracles are like parting an ocean and closing it back up on Ramse’s armies. Hah hah, He’s still smarting over that one. It’s a good thing Exador doesn’t know about it, or Ramses would NEVER hear the end of it!

    On conquered worlds you don’t get that sort of stuff, you’re lucky in 1 in a billion blind people get healed.

    So anyway, on top of that his priests like to go on ‘witch hunts’ to root out other mana users so they don’t suck up any for themselves, thus depriving his priests of the ability to suck it up through worship services.



    That guy’s motto in terms of alternative mana users is “[i]Thou Shall Not Suffer a Witch to Live![/i]”

    I mean come one, big guy. Most witches I know are perfectly lovely people! They are always making these delicious stews in their giant cauldrons, tasty, tasty.

    Now, if the saying was: “[u]Thou Shall Not Suffer a Wizard to Live![/u]”

    Well, that it is something I could get behind an support whole heartedly.


    Dang it, now I’m hungry for Newt Eye soup!

    Sam’s adversary! That is some tasty soup! Those Newt Eyes just really give it a kick!

    Where can I get me a witch with a giant pot full of soup?


    I was actually talking about Tiernon’s view on Unicorns. I’ve thought that the “false god” title was great for him ever since the Djinn called him that in book 2.

    Off topic I would love to know his reaction to Tom’s “Tiernon has seriously failed as a God of justice” comment when/if Beragamos gives a full report, especially if the report was given in front of the other siblings.


    Ahh, yes, now I get it.

    As far as I can tell, Tiernon’s fine with unicorns, they are, in this case at least, half-human (all unicorns are half something and yet–full unicorns). So no different than half-orcs etc.

    The thing is, it’s really the priesthood and the local “Churches” who have more issues with various races, not so much the gods themselves (except for some of course). [SPOILER] And as you may recall, the Inferno is ready to “rescue” Tiernon from the clutches of Lord Tommus at the Citadel of Light, so you’ll see their reaction to Orcs, Elves etc all working for Tiernon….[/SPOILER]

    Of course people believe that unicorns are a symbols of purity and goodness, so they’d definitely be a positive thing to have in the Rod. Of course, they also think unicorns are just magical horses with horns. They don’t know about the shape shifting. [SPOILER]And they also don’t know that in order to procreate, the non-unicorn partner (male or female) has to be a virgin or reproduction won’t work. non-Virgins have impurities that prevent the formation of an embryo. So, a unicorn could have sex with a non-virgin non-unicorn, but what would be the point? Most either want to have a child or have sex with someone of the same species.[/SPOILER]

    You will note that Danu, Tiernon’s mother is currently a major goddess of the The El’adasir in many realms, which in Astlan’s localverse is primarly alvaran She certainly has human worshipers.

    [SPOILER]Actually, you’ll see more of this in book 4 as we see more of her.[/SPOILER]


    I swear that’s new information isn’t it? I only knew who the father of the 5 siblings was!



    I don’t think it so much new as not well mentioned in the main text. It is mentioned in the appendices of book II on the description of the Etonians and [url=][size=6]here on this site.[/size][/url]

    In book III, it is veiled in the discussion in the Aviary with Nod and Danu, it was the locking up of her ex-husband that got her into the game to defeat Orcus.

    But book IV will be very explicit about this as she more fully comes into play.

    It’s one of those things that worshipers of the 5 Siblings all sort of know in the background but no one talks about. Unlike Aetherus’ Ghost….which is part of a number of common expressions.


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