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    [quote=The Author Guy;3121]There is no such thing as the ACAP[/quote]

    One of the reasons I’m much more likely to take a chance on an unknown Eastern European author than an unknown American author is that advertising and other propaganda narratives have homogenized expression quite a bit, and made the predictable much more so.

    Have you had the occasion to come across any of these movies?


    I remember seeing this movie at my (defunct) local video store that specialized in foreign and hard to come by videos.

    It was on my list, circa 2008-2010 although a bit down, and I even had tons of credits that never got used before it closed. I’d gotten overwhelmed with DVR content and pretty much stopped going there since I had too much to watch. So never got to.

    Actually, digital content makes me so lazy. I have piles of unwatched DVDs and Blu-Rays, but its just too much work to get up sort through them and walk over to the BR player and stick them in. Netflix and Amazon are soooo much easier.

    Same is true for CDs; although I did rip about half or more, but my library is so huge and filled with duplicates that I end up doing pandora, spotify or Amazon Music Player and some time youtube.

    Today it’s not longer not just about content, it’s also about convenient access to content.

    People today have it too easy. In my father’s day they had to march ten miles to the film library, uphill both ways, to check out a print and then come home, thread the film, light the arc lamp and turn the hand crank on the projector. And unless you had another family member working with you as you threaded the film, you usually ended up burning the popcorn in the kettle in the fireplace.


    Now in great bookstores near you, Concordenax’s new bestseller

    The Greatest Magic of All

    “The secrets behind my ability to
    [color=grey]make friends, influence demons, and[/color]

    Translated into 37 different mythological languages.


    Yes, I can see that happening. It’s all sort of a double edge sword.

    To get reach, you have to make things familiar, but too much familiarity breeds contempt in books as well as altruism.

    I have seen All About My Mother, and I think all of Almodovar’s work. Or at least a majority.

    Those others look quite interesting. Adding them to my watch list. That Bronson one, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it.

    I watch a lot of Amazon and Netflix.

    As we’ve discussed, getting Amazon move recommendations is critical because their system sucks. These all look good.



    Yes, when you steal as many references as I do, you have to think about copyright. Thankfully, I can point to GoodReads lists that lists DoA as a parody.

    I am not sure how many people in the US got the Inspector 12…that is really old, and in fact, until you mentioned it I had forgot that it was there. One of those things I didn’t catch in multiple editing over the years.

    I think it speaks volumes about the American Cultural Assimilation Program (started by the actor Ronald Reagan) where “Hollywood” works relentlessly to swamp all other cultures with a relentless tidal wave of American Cultural Content that so many people in so many different countries get so many of my references. And we get so few of theirs.

    There is no such thing as the ACAP, of course, but it certainly seems that way. In fact, if I didn’t live in the US, I’d probably consider the US to be most closely related to the Borg. Hmm…an USBorg. [Requires Cultural Reference]

    Better stop now…I see myself falling into one of my “There can be no peace until there is no other.” diatribes about the dangers of losing cultural identity in pursuit of a global hegemony.

    Which of course was the point of a lot of great earlier SF. Rather uncanny how predictive such novels were, and how we can literally observe it in real time.


    [quote]Surely Tizzy has already hocked the toy license to Deneb?[/quote]

    Upon re-reading, I see you did the copyright lawyer bit already in book 2.

    Of the cultural references, I had to google Inspector 12 in book 1, not having those commercials in Europe, and the Civilization tech tree references in book 2 might have been lost.


    Sweet. I will audiblize it!



    [quote=Tizzy;3117]I see it was based on a radio program.[/quote]


    Hmm, there are more Old Harry’s Game out there, did it become a tv show? I see it was based on a radio program.

    I know what I’m going to be watching on my mirror tonight!



    OMD! (Oh My Devil)

    I love that; not sure which demon prince this guy is, but I can see they clearly filmed it on location in the Abyss!

    They truly captured the spirit of the place!

    Too bad this didn’t make it to series (I assume it did not, will research)

    There have been a number of good and semi accurate “Hell” based tv shows and movies in the last few years.

    Hell and Back was great.


    And of course [url=]Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell on Adult Swim[/url]

    Then there is this TV show coming up on FOX (in US) about this totally misnamed/mistranslated name for the Satan called “Lucifer”

    I am sure they are just going with marketing, but there has never been a demon/fallen angel named Lucifer. Lucifer is roman name for the Morning Star aka Mercury a planet is some inconsequential backwater of a fierd system. Sheesh, biblical mistranslations.

    I am hoping it will be good, despite the name.


    One of my favorites was the show Reaper:


    There have been a number of other, will have to see if I can think of them.


    Apropos mythical media markets, who owns the mechandising rights for the Tommus – Talarius fight, and are they going to go after the Oorstemoths for its balling?

    Surely Tizzy has already hocked the toy license to Deneb?


    Well those are clearly the major ones. But that still leaves a lot of languages.

    I myself find Harpish to be a bit shrill, even the simplified version.

    The nice thing about Unicornian is that it is very good at getting to the ‘point’

    I’ve also heard that a lot of porn is written in Unicornian as it makes people very horny.

    Sphinxlish…so much of it is in the form of questions/riddles that it can sometimes be complicated for me to explain myself.


    [quote=Tizzy;3108]which are the prime mythological languages that this is translated to?[/quote]
    Well, duh. The primary mythical media markets were Sphinxlish, Unicornian (Happy) and Simplified Harpish at the time.

    The Unicornian (Blue) translation was the only one serialized and later published as a compilation by the Magical Locks and Traps Monthly magazine.

    Unfortunately they used their magazine press for that run, which meant that all the non-black color on the cover started fading fairly quickly.


    Yes that would be great magic.

    Not sure how many friends that leathery monstrosity has though….

    The question comes of 37, as is obviously necessary, it is a prime number. So the question is, which are the prime mythological languages that this is translated to?

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