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    Astlan just got bigger: New map in library1



    The Council of Wizardry is happy to announce that the new map of Astlan that it commissioned so that it could figure out where to send it’s expedition to resolve the “Angry Gods and Demons Issue” have arrived!

    The new, larger, map is now in the full sized map display on the main Cartography page. We don’t have details on some of the new lands because quite frankly, we haven’t had a lot of contacts with most of these realms in quite some time.

    Obviously, The Grove, is an exception, as we have our own ambassador, Council Member, Trevin D’Vills. It was not on our previous maps due to treaty issues that have since been resolved.

    As you may be aware, Councilor D’Vills will be leading our expedition to the Southern Lands along with other valuable members and allies of the Council of Wizardry. Rest assured, this expedition, while expensive, is vital to understanding our current predicament and finding a solution to it.

    As we accumulate more recent information on these distant realms, we will update the Cartography section.

    Thank you,

    Councilor Lenamare.


    Thanks for the updates, I found it quite informative.



    Despite your highly troubling name, you seem quite polite. If only others had such manners.


    Well, you might also be interested to note that I’ve added a section on The Grove to the site. As you know, The Grove is the home of my esteemed colleague Trevin D’Vils. I myself have never been there, actually I’m not even sure I know anyone, other than Trevin, that has been there.

    I would have had to fly over Turelane or Abancia to get there, and as I am sure you are aware, those two regions are plagued by a highly disreputable fellow named Exaturd.

    Anyway, since the expedition will be going there, at least for a bit, I thought it useful to post. Hopefully Jenn will read up on where she’s going.


    PS: if you happen to see Rupert’s cousin, the miscreant has gone missing, tell him that he can just stay away. How cowardly to disappear when the going gets tough. I’m sure he freaked out when my Greater Demon started smashing Talarius to bits and so grabbed Rupert and fled for the hills. I find it amazing that he could be so rude to Jehenna and I and then flee in terror at the sight of a demon that I conjured and control. You’d have thought my ownership of the Greater Demon would have caused him to treat me with more respect.

    Young people. Agh. If only one could have an Academy and not have to deal with youths!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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