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    Assuming this isn’t spoiler or future book territory, but could a demon be bound to a mana-rich material plane instead of the Abyss? What exactly is the planar binding anyways?


    Hmm, I do not think so, I sort of think they need to be bound outside of normal time and space.

    However, I must think upon this to be sure.


    I would think that they could be bound to an outer plane, which would essentially make them a saint. However, I believe that in a previous discussion TAG told me that someone who was summoned to another plane with everyone expecting that person to look human instead of looking like a demon would result in just incarnating the summonee as a human.


    Outer Planes are fine.

    Midgard/Material Planes: It is well known that there are spells and rituals that allow a mortal wizard/mana user to create physical bodies on the material planes.

    I.e. there are spells to “incarnate” mortals from one plane onto another after Astral travel. The best way is to create a body in a maternal host, much like an incubus/succubus does (i.e. baby). However, there are numerous other ways. This is how many demons arrive on Earth (or similar worlds)

    The question I was thinking about was the creation of an immortal form. For that, I think you would need to use the Abyss or an Outer Plane


    Would it be possible, if one were to accumulate enough mana, to incarnate a human into a Jotun pattern? The “body” would be that of an immortal, so you would be immortal in that body.


    I would think that the jotunn’s might be able to do that, in theory.

    But it would be complicated and probably require the person to be bound to jotungard, the outer plane which is currently detached from the rest of the multiverse, as are the other aesir and related groups.

    Big issue is you would need a true/good pattern and only a risi wizard or similar would have the slightest chance.

    Same thing with Titans and other such races.



    Restarting this topic I rather scrambled it.

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