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    I may not answer immediately



    In the previous beta I tried to handle stuff as it came in.

    This time, because we are in alpha, I may not or might not want to respond right away.

    In the first reason is because I don’t want to start doing the changes until I have a finished book and then I will restart. I fear if I get too into rewriting at the moment, it will make getting a “first ending” done harder/delayed.

    And thus the next reason is that “unanswered” posts are easier for me to spot than scrolling through “answered posts”

    I need to figure out a better way to flag stuff for follow up.

    My big concern is having some discussion on something, but not having time to fix it and then missing the fact that the core issue is still unresolved.

    Once we are out of alpha, I will be able to be more proactive/interactive in fixing things/dealing with them in a check box manner.

    For those of you new to the beta, I produce new versions every few days that have fixes since the last one (or maybe further back)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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