Dead Tree Limits/Size Limitation and how it’s not.

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    One thing I’ve mentioned is the Dead Tree size limit as being the limit on the length of the book.

    For the trade paperback size, a readable font (2nd Edition) and a $19.99 list price I am limited to about 245,000 words including appendices.

    Thus the length limit. HH is about 230,000 leaving space to add stuff as needed.

    That being said, the real physical limit is 828 pages for Create Space. The next thing is to set a max list US price and balance that with at least not losing money on extended distribution.

    If I set the list price of $24.99 for book 2. I can get 750 pages at the same font as the 2nd edition. That translates to extending the book by about 90,000 words. Or, over a third more.

    Now, that $24.99 is higher than I like for a trade paperback, but I don’t think I’ve sold more than 30 copies. Vast majority of sales are Kindle, for which there is no real size limit.

    So, one thing I’ve complained about is cutting book ii in parts for book iii.

    I could cram more of currently planned book iii in book ii, if that helps.

    However, not sure it helps.

    Part of the big problem with stuff that is in book ii, that doesn’t seem important is setup for book iii or later in book iv.

    E.g. the Asmeth plotline. However, that could be removed and put somewhere else, say in flashback or just telling later, when these characters come more into play.

    Anyway, the point is, there are things I can do with size limits, it’s not inflexible if it helps the overall story.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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