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    If all the shamans had been summoned then who passed on the orc’s version of the shamanic tradition?


    Maybe it can be blamed on something the Dark Apostle did after his experience with the interdiction of Etterdam. Something he did to Nysegard only because of its importance to the Stormlords, that lasted until his death 1000 years ago. Being cut off for so long no one caught it or tried to get links back up.

    Could have been part of his experiments with cutting off the outer planes, make the block effective for the local planes and abyss, and blame any success with the outer planes on Sentir Fallon. The block for the Abyss and local planes lasting, but the block on the outer planes something that has to be channeled, like what Exador is doing right now.


    So, when we learn that there are D’Orcs is Nysegard we also learn two things. First, the have died while fighting since Orcus left and have returned to Nysegard. They returned to the Abyss when they died.

    If Nysegard had shamans that could summon slain D’Orcs why didn’t they summon the other Mt. Doom D’Orcs to help with battle? Why were they unable to keep in regular communication with Mt. Doom if they had shamans capable of summoning D’Orcs?

    It seems very odd that the D’Orcs would just sit about. True, they had no way to leave w/o shaman’s summoning them but you would think the D’Orcs would rotate people to Nysegard to help w/ fighting while leaving a garrison force behind at Doom.

    The impression given in the book 3 from the D’Orcs stuck in Mt. Doom however is that none of the Nysegard D’Orcs visited during Orcus’s absence and none in Mt. Doom went to Nysegard. So… where did the D’ORcs slain in Nysegard wind up in the Abyss before being summoned back?


    Good points.

    Yeah, that is a problem. Now part of the problem “could be” not knowing who was left to summon, but if some went back they could have found out.

    Another could be that perhaps they didn’t have the mana to summon a D’Orc, doubtful though….

    Need to think about this.

    Easy answer is that no D’Orcs died, but then, how do they know what happened to Orcus? The Citadel could have told them I suppose.

    OK, definitely a good point!

    Gotta do something about this.


    You know this problem kind of exist in book 2 as well. Whatever answer you have will need to avoid contradicting it.


    You mean in the sense that they said no one was coming back?

    Gotta be honest, I know longer remember all the exact wording I used there.


    It seem this was never addressed. We still don’t know why the Abyss D’Orcs believed there were no more D’Orc shamans when those on the Isle of Doom were still active and had on occasion traveled back to the Abyss only to be re-summoned. Also never explained or hinted at why the Nysegard shamans couldn’t summon other D’Orcs from the Abyss to help swell their numbers in the fights against the unlife.


    Actually, I think I did address that to some extent. Can you reread the latest sections on first arrival in Nysegard in alpha 3, it’s like two sections I think

    I may have missed highlighting those as changed.

    I have sort of finessed the issue, but it may not be enough.


    Ah, I see it. You mention that they got volunteers, but it still contradicts book 2.

    In book 2 Zelda bemoans about the fact that they’ve had no way to access the material planes. Yet not once they did they try to get the word to other planes via Nysegard or use the Nysegard shamans and D’Orcs shamans on Nysegard?

    She also says that 2000 years ago the last D’Orc shaman was lost to attrition and despair. Even with the D’Orc forces staying in the Abyss I’m surprised they didn’t try to maintain connections to the various planes. It was implied that in book 2 no shaman on the material planes had the summoning name of a D’Orc and so communication was simply impossible.

    If they knew of Nysegard and even loaned people out then why were they unable to connect to the material planes?


    You mean before they lost their shamans?

    I need to think on this more; there are other issues with the “original story” Tom was told, it was a simplified version and he’s going to eventually have these same questions. Can’t fix last book, but can try to clear up in this one.

    For one thing, Hephaestus and Volund can travel to planes, they could have loaned a hand as well.

    But I think the big thing is that they were sort of hunkered down in a bunker mentality sitting on the “egg” that was Tartarus.

    Also, Darg-Krallnom and Arg-nargoloth are members of the Tartarvardenennead and powerful avatars of Orcus? They are over 60,000 years old? If Exador and Rames and become arch-demons in 4,000 years, are these D’Orcs sitting on their butts?

    In partial answer to this, I was going to demonstrate what Arg-nargoloth could do with Ragala-nargoloth on her quest. Did not have time to get to it this book.

    But the answer is, the very senior commanders can plane hop if they know where they are going and have a link. It’s the same problem that Tom had returning his guests. So they could have figured out something, at the least they should have been able to visit Nysegard once people had done the volunteering thing

    I’m going to assume the main reason they did not was Tartarus and fearing to leave it. This is the big reason Volund stuck around.

    So I need to work on this across the board.

    However, I need to do this after Beta 1 is released. I need to focus on getting that done first.

    I am going to create a Forum called things to do with Beta 1. Let’s put these tabled issues there. There are several of them and digging them out of the current topics may lead to missing things.


    I was thinking on this and I would believe that after the defeat the remaining D’Orcs got well depressed and lost them selves. And we have been told several times that beings that live longer perceive time different.
    So I am thinking this depression lasted long enough that the current shamans they had links with were no longer alive and at that time there numbers had started to dwindle cause of Lilith and her relentless attacks. That they decided keeping what they could to guard tartarus was more important.


    Yes, that makes a great deal of sense and jibes well with what has been said before in the last books.

    Keep this flagged so once I get past the battle I can go back and update this.



    Why didn’t the orcs of Nysegard keep in contact with the hordmates on other planes in the localverse?


    Etterdam is definitely down no D’Orcs, they closed that place down and cleaned it out, built a temple on it, which she’s going to have to repossess.

    So the D’Orcs on Etterdam are definitely MIA

    As for Astlan or Ithgar? or the other 660 or so Doomalogues?????

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