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    Ooooo, another convert to the Church of the Dark Lord Tommus! Welcome to the electronic communications nexus to the Abyss!

    Be sure not to jostle Tizzy too much, or he may forget to keep prodding T-A-G to finish the next story/book.


    Sending some cosmic karma


    I have to say, I am so happy to have not asked my husband for my Kindle Unlimited account. He likes to say no to such things. Always better to ask forgiveness than permission, as I always say.

    Any hoo, I stumbled across Into the Abyss the other day. Actually, I got the first book on my birthday, which was Sunday. I’ll have you know that the interest I had in the story definitely pulled me away from my really important plans of playing Fallout 4 all day. Anyway, I burned through it. I was very entertained. Then I had to get my poor, tired eyes started on the Heavenly Host.

    I love a good sized kindle book. Makes me feel like I actually have a meal to leisurely enjoy. I simply consume the words to fast to properly enjoy those teeny tiny little ones. Because I had to know where it was going and what was happening. I read it fairly quickly, even for me. While there was a bit of bouncing around, and some bits were indeed less interesting than others. I very much enjoyed your world, your characters and your tone. You’ve got a strong voice.

    While I’m sad Apostles of DOOOOOooooommmmM! is not available, I suppose I should be thankful because my old eyes need a break and my children think I’m not meeting their needs or something because I simply had to finish the story…

    I saw you have quite the online social presence going and since I was surfing your forums, figured I may as well leave a hello, howareya?

    Cheers. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next installment. yaddayaddayadda


    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    I was off helping my friend Krampus get ready for tonight!

    He’s got a lot of work to do this year. So many bad boys and girls (and men and women).

    He says this year he has one of his biggest naughty lists in years.

    The good news is that I get to go along with him tonight!

    Our first stop is for some guy named Donald…

    Glad you like ItA and HH. T-A-G is working away on AoD and CoA:ItW at the moment, sort of going back and forth…

    He’s so busy he’s ignoring me, so that’s why I went to visit Krampus!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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