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    [quote=GameGraphix;5555]Tiernon’s crew investigated the mana theft and determined how it was done – then changed the setup so it couldn’t be done again….so how can Tom use the same method to steal EM back and steal mana again????[/quote]

    Argh…crap…need to look into this….


    Exador said he always had an Abyssal Switch / Swap ready in case Unlife ever turned on him. Then he goes ahead and uses to it to bring the Unlife to the Abyss.


    When Exador said he had an Abyssal Switch / Swap on standby it was implied something bad would happen back in Chapter 140.

    “You have to admit they have very impressive logistics.” Ramses said to Exador who was sitting beside him on their private flying carpet. They were returning to the tower where work on the Dark Apostle’s lore was being conducted. This morning they had received a tour of the Storm Lords preparations.

    “I grant you. It’s no Abyssal Swap, but…” Exador said.

    “You do know what would happen to their army if you did an Abyssal Swap on it? Yes?” Ramses asked with a chuckle.

    “I certainly do; which is why I always keep one ready to go in the event of an out of control undead army.” Exador said chuckling as well.

    Edit: It is also revealed (thought it could be a lie) that bringing a ghoul to the Abyss sort of cures them.

    So, did all of the liches get cured? Did the entire army turn back to humans, orcs, alvar, etc?


    They did determine how it was done from a general point of view – not the specifics of Tom using the arrow heads

    [quote]Bk2, Chapter 84

    Moradel nodded. “Definitely not. However, the true oddity is that it wasn’t from a single illuminary. The drain was spread out over several illuminaries.” There was a lot of mumbling. “Five in total,” Moradel added and looked around the room. “The Holy Ciphers guarding the illumination streams were hacked. Someone, or something, pierced the illumination streams and first diverted mana intended for the Pool, and then a bit later pulled mana from our avatars, masquerading as legitimate illuminaries. Once the cyphers were broken, they had the authority of the high priests whose illumination streams were intercepted. While none of these high priests would have been able to withdraw a greater miracle’s worth of mana without explicit permission, the individual stream requests were within the limits allowed to the infiltrated high priests. In all, a very complex and sophisticated effort that took us completely by surprise.”[/quote]

    I can’t find the reference, but I was fairly certain that Tiernon’s crew did put a team onto finding a way to stop this from happening again


    New meaning to Go To Hell plan, it usually isnt meant literally.


    They might become sentient again but with antimus, because they don’t have their original souls.

    If it doesn’t matter if they have antimus or animus, they might regenerate. This also goes with all the undead, the dragons and liches, but they would be antimus beings.

    But this would take a long time though. So unless they spend a while in the abyss it won’t matter that much.


    They didn’t so much as fix as overhaul their procedures so that problems like Tom stealing mana can be identified sooner and then a denial put in place The flaw still exists since they do not know how he did his masquerade.

    However, a battle against unlife is a hectic thing and they are routing via avatars (while the interdiction was up) than the usual method. Since this is not SOP the ad hoc process still has vulnerabilities Tom can use. He is pretending to the Attendant Archon upon Nysegard. Her security is overseen by Beragamos who is fielding multiple requests. Then, mid-connection the interdiction does down and the connection is restored.

    So Tom immediately takes the mana. No problem. Since it is being used to cleanse unlife and she was using that spell herself (so authorized) it probably won’t look suspicious.


    Actually, I don’t think the fixed it.

    The problem is that the Holy Ciphers are just exactly that, ciphers, encryption.

    They would have to rekey their entire everything which would be a huge and massive undertaking, not something they could have done in 30 days.

    So if I never actually said the “fixed it” and I hope I wouldn’t have…we are safe on that.

    The whole lich in the Abyss thing….I thought about that…when I wrote this.

    What the abyss does is puts an “absolute value” function on antimus and animus, so there is no difference.

    Thus a ghoul would be cured, as long as they stayed in the Abyss.

    A lich’s phylactery is in the material world so links are fine.

    However, that being said, it would really probably screw with the lich’s ability to do anything and probably wouldn’t be able to survive long.

    My thought would be to alter the discussion where they talk about it and have Exador say he estimates the Unlife would have “X minutes” before the damage would be irreparable.

    They actually don’t have any ghosts,ghosts are just a type of spirit on the aether, they aren’t necessarily Unlife, in fact, most are not. They are animus of dead people that make it to the aetherial plane where they can survive without disintegration.

    Now that being said, there are some Unlife that use the aetherial plane, however, I expect that to be no different than what happens with unicorns.


    good points….

    Question – If Exador can do an Abysmal switch – is there anything reason he couldn’t do a switch with another world?? say Astlan – and dump the Storm Lords outside Freehold???


    was gonna post about this too.

    so i assume the ghosts promptly became solid and slammed into the ground.

    liches became cut off from their phylactery’s and collapsed since no brain.

    other things happened to the rest of the undead.
    may be burst into flames.
    or quickly dried up.

    thats if they ended up in the abyss.

    or did he just abyssal swap to astlan and the abyssal land was just used as a quick transit point.

    so there must be some astlanian forest that just popped up in the abyss. and promptly burst in to flames.

    also since exador wouldn’t keep track of the time in astlan.
    when they arrive the vamps burst into flames.


    Question: In bk2, Tiernon’s crew investigated the mana theft and determined how it was done – then changed the setup so it couldn’t be done again….so how can Tom use the same method to steal EM back and steal mana again????


    Did they figure out that he used the arrow head as a needle? If not how could they change something to “fix” it?


    I don’t recall them fixing it.


    Well, even if he did he was only able to pull the mana because he had possessed the Rod and hijacked their links.

    This time he hijacked the link of an avatar. Different protection, incomplete protection? Maybe only the mortal side was fixed?


    But the giants? They took those that weren’t freed with them. And then there are the undead “dragons”. If any immortal is still bound when they go the Abyss then wouldn’t they be freed and ready to rampage?

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